Monday, July 15, 2019

Overalls, a Dad Hat, and my Ugly Fitbit

Head to Toe: Overalls, Marshall's // Hat, NYC vendor // Shoes, Sebago

I wore this outfit last week for "casual Monday." Because when you're a freelancer everyday can be casual, and this is actually pretty "dressed" compared to my typical leggings/T-shirt combo. One accessory that is too casual, in my opinion, is my black Fitbit band. I always try to remember to take my it off for blog photos but forgot for these. In general, I wish there was a more attractive way to wear it. I just ordered this cuff on Amazon for a slightly more attractive option, but I have to admit I'm not jazzed about it.

I was bummed because I was in a wedding last weekend and did all the steps on the dance floor, but couldn't wear my clunky fitness tracker. (And if you're not wearing your tracker, did the steps even exist?) I'm toying with the idea of sewing some kind of pouch into my underwear, or finding a chic way to wrap a silk scarf around it. Or should I just embrace the 2019 and stop being so bothered by the little black band? Tell me, do you wear a tracker? And if so, how do you rock it?
 Photos by Chris Loynd


  1. Thanks wedding. I'll use this to gloat that i finally won a weekend warrior. haha!

  2. Those overalls are so cute!! I don't use a fitbit or anything but I wish I could. I just can't stand walking around with something on my all the time, haha. There was a cute tracking ring I wanted at one point but it was too expensive.

  3. Ahh this outfit is so cute! I don't wear a fitness tracker but I honestly don't notice it when others wear them. I think you should just rock it - nothing wrong with wanting to get your steps in and be healthy, right?

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. I love your look and I do not wear a tracker But I don't think it looks ugly it looks great with a casual look xoxo Cris

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