Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Pumpkin Spice and Working Out in NYC

Head to Toe: Top, leggings and jacket, Beyond Yoga // Sandals, Teva

Does this outfit make me look like I work out?...Since moving to NYC, I've found it particularly difficult to exercise. And while living in an overly stimulating, non-stop stress environment like the city, exercise is probably more important than ever. It's also extremely expensive... For example, Crunch, which is one of the cheapest gyms around, will run you about $80 a month for a membership.

For a while, I was experimenting with Class Pass, a membership that allows you to take classes at a bunch of boutique gyms in the city, like Pure Barre, Row House and Flywheel. I definitely loved trying out new classes and having a really diverse workout regimen, but when traveling and fashion week ramped up, I found it difficult to get to even my five classes a month (sad, I know), and lost out on some cash.

Despite the swanky appeal of those kinds of classes (which full-price can run $30 to $45 a class), I always find myself falling back on Yoga To The People. It's a donation-based studio ($10 suggested) that offers yoga all over the city. I always leave feeling energized and refreshed, and there isn't the same pressure attached. Some days, I do every chataranga and feel it in my arms the next morning. Sometimes, I'm just in it for the savasana. I had Monday off for Columbus Day and got in an incredibly rewarding class.

But during the week, even getting to a studio can be daunting, between walking to the subway and hoping it's running on time. But, I know excuses never help and I should get regular exercise in for my mental and physical health. I'm considering trying the streaming at-home program, Daily Burn. If you use it, please comment and let me know your thoughts on it! Only thing is, then no one will see your cute workout outfit...


  1. Really cute workout set. One that will definitely make me want to workout every time I look at it :)

  2. You look so cute dear!

  3. that work out gear is so cute!!

  4. You look amazing in that outfit. I gave up on Gyms, I also paid for a year and did not go because of time. Now I work out at home my own time and my own schedule and I am loving it. Have a beautiful day. xoxo Cris

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