Saturday, October 7, 2017

Genuine Spark Plugs

Head to Toe: T-shirt, hand-me-down // Jeans, Siwy Denim // Flats, Taryn Rose // Bag, Michael Kors (via TJ Maxx) // Sweater, Thrifted

The first thing I did when I saw Harley Davidson T-shirts cropping up among the blogger crowd was text my dad. An avid rider for the past 10-plus years, he's accumulated more Harley T-shirts than you can dream of, and he kindly passed on a few. I love the vintage look of this one as well as the classic orange, perfect for October.

Fun fact: My first job was working at a Harley Davidson dealership. I sold clothes, jackets and goggles and could tell you more about chaps than you ever wanted to know. Vroom vroom.


  1. Such a cute look! Yay for your dad helping you get the look without the price-tag of finding one yourself, hah! Those shoes are so fun too

  2. That sounds like a pretty awesome first job! I love that you went for the orange - perfect for this season

  3. Vintage is always a more fun way to approach a trend, how awesome your dad had this tee for you!
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Nice outfits! Looking cute! <3

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