Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Box Braids and Block Heels

Head to Toe: Crop top and slacks, made by mom // Jacket, Buffalo Exchange // Boots, Musse & Cloud // Bag, Vintage // Earrings, Forever 21

I always get a ton of compliments when I wear my hair in these braids, but the truth is, I'm usually rocking them because I haven't washed my hair. And the only reason I do the trendy "box braid" style is because I don't know how to do a regular French braid. (Growing up left handed, I often find myself doing things a little backwards from the way I've been taught.) Still, the braids came in clutch Saturday morning, when I overslept—Saturday, 'nuff said—for a morning show. They delivered, as always, and someone from Tresemm√© even asked if they could take my picture. Who knows if it will actually get used anywhere, but a cool moment nonetheless. But I guess the point of my rant here is returning to my earlier sentiment that we're all just faking it, yanno?


  1. Loving this look and those braids! I tried to do it that way the other day but it's hard for me since I'm so used to regular french braids, haha

  2. you look sooo cute! this is one of my fav looks on you!


  3. You look gorgeous from head to toe! You are rocking these braids!


  4. I loved your dress!


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