Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sunday Evening Pinspiration

All images via Pinterest
Fashionistas, the official first day of summer is this week! New seasons always offer a fresh start, and I'm due for an overhaul. Today was pretty hot and steamy in NYC, so when my sunbathing/magazine reading in the park was cut short by a rain shower, I resorted to an afternoon of Pinterest binging for inspiration. I've been working on a pink-themed photo shoot for work, so my favorite hue has been on the brain (above). Besides my obsession for all-things pink, I dug up new ideas for outfits, décor and cooking. Check out my favorites below, and lets be friends on Pinterest!
Our apartment is almost finished but still requires a few finishing touches (from left). I'm loving Claire Zinnecker's light, airy space and this perfectly arranged hat wall. My office nook needs a few finishing touches, like a few bookshelves and some greenery. Better Homes and Gardens predicts buffalo plaid is the next big trend in home design—how cute is that chair?
Stripes, stripes, stripes! I'm loving the summer in Paris vibes of these outfits on Margo and Me, Somewhere Devine and The Closet Heroes—so timeless and flattering.
We don't have a grill, but I love anything we can throw on our electric skillet, like corn on the cob or kabobs (the recipe above, left, involves cilantro chimichurri—yum!). I'm also obsessed with my spiralizer, and I'm pretty intrigued that Pinch of Yum doesn't cook the zoodles in this recipe. I know what I'll be whipping up this week!


  1. I can use some Pinsperation! and gotta try a spiralizer :)

  2. So amazing post!
    fantastic pics!

  3. Loving this pinspiration going on here!!



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