Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bonjour, Buongiorno: Paris & Milan Photodiary

Hello, fashionistas! Sorry for the radio silence on my end. As you can see, I just got back from a lovely trip to France and Italy. I was so lucky to be tasked with covering a footwear trade show in Milan, so I talked Sean into coming along and spending a few extra days in Paris while we were abroad. It was a long-time dream of mine to see the city of lights, and it lived up to its reputation. Luckily, a friend of mine living in Paris brought us a few places us tourists wouldn't have found on our own...But we hit up those spots too: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Arc De Triomphe (which we, admittedly, only saw from a cab). The cappuccinos were to die for, the wine cheaper than water, and I dutifully picked up a box of macarons to eat in our Airbnb. Being used to New York's tricky subway system, we found the Paris Metro relatively easy to navigate. And for the most part, people were nice enough about our lack of French. It was a quick 48 hours, so I'd love to return some day and have a little more time to really get lost in the city with a baguette and bottle of wine (since drinking in public is allowed, of course).

Next stop, Milan! I didn't have much time to explore since I was working this part of the trip, but Sean spent a day at Duomo while I got lost in the world of shoes. At the Micam trade show, I snapped shoe-candy photos and attended fashion shows and talks about the latest shoe trends. Luckily, I made a wonderful friend, a talented menswear editor from Turkey, and we had a great time walking the show. After two days of looking at as many shoes as I could handle, Sean and I spent an evening in Milan so I could see Duomo and take a selfie (obvs). We had a luxurious dinner of the best pizza and pasta I have ever tasted with a delicious bottle of wine for 20 euro. We finished the evening with a nightcap of limoncello and got ready for a long plane ride home. It was a whirlwind, indeed, but completely worth it. And while it feels great to be stateside again, Brooklyn pizza, vino and cappuccino just can't compare.


  1. Looks so magical! Always wanted to go to Paris.


  2. Yayyy!!! Looks like an amazing trip! Pretty good weather too by the looks of it

  3. Paris is one of my favourites cities!
    Amazing post dear,

  4. stunning! i lived in paris for two years. is my favorite city in the world. This pictures really make me miss it :) hope you had a great time there ^^

    i love your blog, it's super cool! I'm following! And I would love if you could follow me too =)
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  5. Paris, Milan, and fashion shows? How awesome is that!

  6. What an amazing trip! I'm so jealous you get to travel and cover fashion abroad, that's amazing! It looks you guys had a great time :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  7. Sounds like you made the most out of a short trip, and got to see a lot of the cities. Glad you were able to use a work trip for a mini getaway, I think it would be terrible to fly all the way to Europe and not be able to take in any sights.

  8. You guys look so cute + nice pictures

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