Monday, October 31, 2016


Head to Toe (above): Vest, blouse and leggings, thrifted // Sneakers, Puma // Socks, Birkenstock (below): Top, Urban Outfitters // Dress, Marshall's // Booties, Thursday Boot Company

Happy Halloween! It couldn't be a better Monday. It's my favorite holiday of the year, and not to mention the only day I have to go to work before Sean and I leave for Austin tomorrow. I don't have a dress-up type of office, but I thought I'd be festive anyway and wear burnt orange and black.

Over the weekend, Sean and I dressed up for a friend's costume party in Brooklyn. We went as Marty and Jennifer from Back to the Future. True 80s kids were quick to identify our costume but others weren't sure. Still, comparing the photos from the movie, I think we were pretty accurate. The best part is, we can wear everything again (especially these rad leggings, which are supremely comfortable). This was also one of the cheapest costumes I've ever made. I bought the vest with store credit from selling some things at Buffalo Exchange, and the leggings were $2 at Salvation Army—also where I found Sean's button-down and vest. What did you dress up as? Stay spooky, fashionistas!
A 5:00 pm update on this post: A nice gentleman complimented my Beatlejuice costume. Must be the bangs...


  1. I love this dress. Looks so cozy and chic!

  2. Hehe yea, I knew right away what you were! Shame on the people that couldn't figure it out! :p
    And loving your festive look for today!

  3. You two look adorable, pretty costumes!


  4. wow, that multicolored pants in the first pics is so cute and beautiful. You look so so good and lovely in it. Nice costumes girl.

  5. Looks awesome and great content.
    Thanks for Diwali wishes and the lovely comments on my recent outfit post, I deeply appreciate it!!MyLyfeMyStory

  6. Love your bangs! Kudos on your Halloweening and on styling your 'Back To The Future' 'Jennifer' costume.


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