Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter Wear and Frigid Fare

Head to Toe: Jeans, J. Brand // Booties, Target // Turtleneck, H&M // Sweater, The Limited // Hat, Target // Bag, Lands' End // Coat, Thrifted

Special thanks to my dear friend and coworker Alexis for snapping these pics today. As you can see, the snow is about taking over, and the frigid temps (it was one degree out when I woke up this morning) have made it challenging to get photos of late, but these snapshots seem to do the trick. Since my wardrobe choices have been limited to warm sweaters and pants, I decided to get creative with outwear, swapping my trusty beanie for a brimmed hat and donning a wool tweed coat instead of my daily black peacoat (or long puffer, depending on how sub-zero we're talking). 

Speaking of making do in the winter, I wanted to share a super-easy "recipe" for foodies such as myself (not that I qualify myself as a foodie, I just really enjoy eating) who are on a tight broke budget. I've been making some upgraded Ramen—yes, from the 35-cent package—that is both delicious and warm for a cold night in. Since I'm no cook, there aren't any precise measurements, but here's my method:

Ingredients: One package beef ramen, tomato, onion, sriracha, soy sauce, garlic powder
  • Start two small pots of water to boil (Ramen package instructs 2 cups, I eyeball it)
  • While water is boiling, dice a half of a tomato and a few slices of onion
  • When water boils, add noodles to one pot
  • While noodles are cooking, poach one egg in the other pot. To do this, crack an egg into a small bowl. Swirl the water as fast as you can with a fork, sliding the egg from the bowl into the whirlpool you've created. Let egg cook in the water. (If this is too intimidating, a hard boiled egg will do the trick as well.)
  • Three minutes later, add 2/3 of the seasoning package (be sure not to use the whole thing, or it will get too salty) to the noodle pot
  • Toss in tomato and onion
  • Add a generous squirt of Sriracha and soy sauce, to taste. Add a dash of garlic powder. 
  • Stir, pour soup into a bowl and top with poached egg. Enjoy!

It's like college, but better...


  1. loving your winter look!
    also that dish looks so good

  2. Yep, this snow needs to go away! So annoying! You are looking super cute! :D

  3. I know, the cold is just getting frustrating. I am ready for spring - it seems so close now, why won't it just warm up?
    still, love the hat and the cute coat, I suppose we just need to embrace as many hats as we can right now.
    Chic on the Cheap

  4. I love your coat! The huge buttons are super cute and gives the coat a vintage-y feel (:

    - Deniz

  5. You are so stylish!

    I am following you on gfc, would you like to follow me back so we can stay in touch?


  6. Really stunning outfit - you have such a great sense of style. And damn that Ramen is making me hungry!

    Rae | love from berlin

  7. That's such a cute jacket - and it looks great with that hat! I hope you're enjoying the pretty winter landscapes at least.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  8. You look so stylish! And I love how you elevated ramen :)


  9. Nice look dear, nice coat.



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