Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Room To Grow

Globe Trotter
Being an editor at an interior design magazine, I see a ton of homes. Though at work I have to look at trends with an unbiased eye, I have developed my own sense of style over the years that I would say lands somewhere between bohemian and contemporary—kind of like my taste in clothes, no? Since I am definitely more modern than traditional (quick vocabulary lesson: modern refers to a creative movement in the mid-twentieth century; contemporary means styles that are of the moment or current), I was pretty stoked to collaborate with modern and contemporary furniture store Modani and create a room with its pieces. I think too often people associate modern and contemporary design with being stark and cold, but when layered properly, modern can be warm. I chose a white faux-leather sofa (from Modani's range of modern sofas) as my base and paired it with the zebra rug to bring in nature. The angular side table and floor lamp add structure while a graphic throw and Moroccan ottoman lend some softness. Then, most important to any room, personal touches: A fun candle (elephants are my thing) and vintage map add to the curated feel.


  1. Loving this! So many fun pieces!!
    Unfortunately since I live with dirty boys I haven't really been able to do much actual decorating, ha ha. But I love the rustic style when it comes to home :)

  2. This big map is so beautiful - I have a simliar one in my living room -
    I follow you via GFC now :) you wrote you follow me too but I can't see you in my list - is there a problem with my GFC? Please let me know.

    Lovley Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  3. What an amazing job to have! I have a small apartment right now so I'm limited with decorating but I hope to have a home to decorate in the near future. I love the zebra rug! :)


  4. Love that pillow, great picks :)


  5. Sounds like such a fun job! These are great picks (:

    - Deniz

  6. Good ideas, I have a carpet like that and I love it.


  7. Love it!


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