Friday, January 10, 2014

Sick Day Survival Guide

Happy cold and flu season! (Read: heavy sarcasm.) I'm finally starting to feel like myself again from the cold that knocked me on my butt last week. It was enough of a struggle to get out of bed, let alone get dressed and take pictures, so in lieu of an outfit post, I give you the New England Romance "Sick Day Survival Guide."

One of my favorite sick day looks is a pair of cozy sweats tucked into thick socks. It's  the appropriate balance of warmth, cuteness and IDGAF attitude. And if you must leave the house to stock up on more meds, or worse, to grab work from the office, hide your matted mane under an ironic beanie.

Keep dry skin moisturized with a luxurious lotion. I like this stress relief one by Aveeno, which has a lavender scent with serious therapeutic qualities (that is, if you can smell through your stuffed nose). Moisturize lips with EOS lip balm. Directions: apply liberally every 26.2 seconds, or as desired. And this revitalizing eye roll on has a cooling effect which does wonders for the look and feel of puffy eyes. 

While you're awake, catch up on movies and reading. In my queue: Safe Haven, Olympus Has Fallen and Revenge. On my magazine stand: Lucky, BHG, Cosmo and Marie Claire. I also just started reading The Shoemaker's Wife on my Kindle.

I love Target's Archer Farms soups: microwave and done. And when I'm feeling under the weather, I chug Naked juice by the gallon for tons of delicious vitamins. Last, Emergen-C, Emergen-C, Emergen-C. 
Get well soon!


  1. Aveeno and EOS are my life saves in terms of skincare, they really work amazing. I love the EOS lip balms and Aveeno hand lotions, made my skin and lips so soft and hydrated! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  2. Thanks for visiting! This post totally hits home with me because I had allergies and a cold that hasn't fully gone away and I just got my wisdom teeth removed on Monday. I've been like this for the past week. I've had to moisturize a lot because I've been facing the wrath of rough tissues. The relax hat is so funny. You can only read it when you're looking at the mirror. :P

    Invisible Blush

    P.S. Now following you via bloglovin' :)

  3. Great tips for surviving the "polar vortex". Stay warm

  4. Great tips dear :) xx

  5. At least you feel better now, great sick day survivals to get through the days! x

    Essence of Jess

  6. This is such useful information! I hope you feel better! I hate being sick :3 I stay away from screen, because I feel sicker after watching TV and stuff... :'(


  7. I wish they had EOS in the UK :( going to have to stock up when I go back over there!


  8. Very nice intems of choice.

  9. Mmmm naked juice! Glad you're feeling better. Rest + sweatpants + movies is my sickday cure!

  10. oh such a lovely post
    im really interested in that cool thing from simple!

  11. perfect guide! being sick is the worst, but it looks like you covered all the bases here. i really like your moisturizer suggestions. i haaate the damage that a runny nose does during my colds. hope you're feeling much, much better!


  12. Hope you're feeling better! Hahah sweats are a must for me when I'm feeling sick.

  13. I love Revenge, it's definitely a guilty pleasure of mine!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. Eos lip balm and Naked are my favourite! Hope you feel better.

  15. I need more sweats in my life haha and I've never tried the Archer Farms soups but their other snacks are super tasty so I'll check them out next time. Hope you are 100% better soon!
    x atelier zozo


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