Friday, March 23, 2012

Show Your Stripes

Head to Toe: Sweater, Old Navy; Scarf, American Eagle (Gift); Jeans, Loft; Belt, H&M; Sneakers, Old Navy; Bracelet, Tiffany's (Gift); iPhone Case, Gap; Nail polish, American Eagle Concrete Jungle.

Why not wear pink on yellow stripes and floral sneakers when you're 22? I'm tapping into my inner child and loving it, plus these 60-70 degree days have me feeling as glee as a school girl.

On another note, I'm always a little behind on the book trends. I read The Help just in time for the DVD  release, read the Twilight Saga after I'd seen the first movie, and have recently finished Water for Elephants and am dying to rent the movie. Now, I HAVE to read The Hunger Games before viewing the first movie (which looks awesome). I've heard they're a breeze, so after ordering the set for my kindle, I'm going to try to read the first book this week so I can see the movie next weekend, and miss all of that premiere drama anyway. Have you read them? Do they live up to the hype?


  1. Love all your stripes!!!! The phone cover is too cute.. and yes, read the Hunger Games ASAP! I'm seeing it tonight :)


  2. I like how ur phone case has stripes like ur sweater! Cute

  3. I love this look, it totally fits your surroundings! I am exactly the same with books and movies! I haven't got around to reading Water for Elephants yet though!

  4. Love the color combination here! So bright and perfect for spring. The striped sweater is also adorable - I'd love to have something similar to that in my closet. Adorable outfit!


  5. I love that sweater, gorgeous combination of stripes you got there :)

  6. I love the double stripes! ooo so cool I have the same scarf in a different color :)

  7. Loving the stripes on stripes - so cute!

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