Saturday, December 10, 2011

Something Borrowed

Head to Toe: Denim button down, Gap Outlet; Skirt, Forever 21; Leggings, American Eagle (gift); Boots, Target; Necklace, Gift; Bag; Gift.

Apologies for the dark photos; it was rainy out, so it was pretty bleak by the time I got to taking these. I saw this outfit on Pinterest (below), originally from Running on Happiness, and thought, "I have a denim shirt and yellow skirt!" So I added a statement necklace and some necessary winter touches (boots instead of flats and some leggings). Thanks for the inspiration!

Here's the original look.


  1. Your outfit is really cute, I love how you transitioned it into fall/winter :) Your yellow skirt is so pretty.

  2. Im loving those boots!


  3. That yellow color looks nice. (:


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