Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prep School

Head to Toe: Headband, Francesca's Collections; Polo, Lacoste via Consignment Shop; Cameo, Mom's; Shorts, Hand-me-downs; Bag, TJ Maxx; Clogs, Target; Watch, Target; Nail Polish, NYC Purple Pizazz Frost and Delia's Crackle

What a beautiful day it was today! Somehow, seeing the perfect sky in these photos made me appreciate it more. After a difficult morning (train fiasco), mother nature awarded me with this perfect, 80 degree day.

To confess a dirty secret, I still read Seventeen magazine at the age of 21. Honestly, I like how the clothes they show are from Target, Forever 21, Gojane.com, and the like...AKA, places I can afford! This outfit is inspired from an issue last Fall. Wool shorts combined with platform clogs (I can't remember what was on top) was said to be flattering on a "petite" body type. Do you think Seventeen was right on this one?

And lastly, I've been craving a leather, vintage-y, watch like this for quite some time (accidental punning, I swear)...Which is why I was delighted to find this one for $10 at Target! My friend said the other day that watches are making a comeback, and I think she is 100 percent right.

Awkward pose!...I realized someone was watching me and got a bit shy. Hahaha!

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  1. You look so adorable!! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog hun! I'm following you! :)

    xoxo Denise



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