Sunday, November 15, 2020

Baby Girl Nursery Tour

We're just about to that "any day now" phase, so I am excited to share our little girl's nursery tour! Of course, she'll be with us in her bassinet for the first few months, but I'm happy to have this sweet room as a home base for all of her things. 

I was fell in love with these mini ombre rainbow wall decals on Pinterest months ago, and ordered them before we even bought our house this summer. The muted rainbow theme grew from there, and the room was already a sweet peach color, so we decided to keep it. I used a Magic Eraser to clean up some scuffs, but it really didn't need any additional touch-ups. 

Much of why I love this room so much is all of its personal touches. My mom custom made the hand-braided wool rug in our color palette, and it really ties the space together. The cane rocker is a hand-me-down from my parents, an antique that has been in our family for some time.  
I purchased this vintage wicker bassinet on auction for $1 and upcycled it in white chalk paint. It has seen better days, so it's not up to actually holding the baby, but it's perfect for storing blankets, toys, and stuffed animals (including a Raggedy Ann, another family tradition). 
There are more meaningful tokens in this sweet corner. The dresser (which we'll use as a changing table) is a hand-me-down from my grandmother, who painted the bee and flower stencil. Above, we hung a group of Winnie the Pooh illustrations drawn by Sean's grandfather. Next to the dresser, my childhood American Girl dolls are camped out in an antique children's rocker. 
We displayed the cute clothesline guest book from my baby shower above little girl's dresser. The final piece was to hang some shelves for our growing collection of books—some classics and some we'll discover for the first time. With the nursery officially done, I think we're ready for her arrival. It makes me so happy to walk by this space and picture what she'll be like, and how her energy will fill our home...soon! 


  1. Oh my goodness! This space is so so beautiful. I love the rainbows on the wall and those adorable bookshelves. They look fabulous!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. Love the rainbows. Such a wonderful room! Great place for bookshelves too! Wonderful! All the best getting ready for these exciting times!

  3. Adoring all these special touches you have put into this blissful space! Wonderful changing station!

  4. Sweet beginnings. Love your pet friends showcasing the place, too. Adoring the rug and the bed and the dolls, as well!

  5. I love it!!! Everything has meaning to you and your family and I just love that!!
    (I actually have an old dresser/baby changing table that I use in my closet, hah!!! So if I ever had a baby I'd be good to go there ;) Although not sure I'd want to give it's so handy for all my makeup and jewelry.)

  6. Sooo cute! I've been seeing the rainbow theme a lot and it's adorable (I have a boy, but here's hoping I have a girl next so I can decorate all girly- haha!)

  7. Omg so cute! I love it <3

  8. Ohh so cute! Love the bassinet and the whole look of this room.

  9. I love your nursery! The rainbow decals look great. How adorable are your pups! Take care and wishing you good luck for your delivery.

  10. What a beautiful room! that rug is so cute, perfect piece in that space! The rainbow theme is so lovely too! Looks like you are all set for baby's arrival!

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend :)

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  11. I love how you've filled the room with bits of your family and childhood, it's so sweet and meaningful.
    Chic on the Cheap


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