Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Late August Summer Dress

Head to Toe: Dress, CT Couture // Sandals, Cambiani // Earrings, Anna Pearl's Curiousities // Bag, thrifted (DIY pom poms)

The end of August is always such a strange time. Kids and teachers are heading back to school (especially strange this year, I might add), but the temperatures are still sky-high. For me, I love to enjoy every last drop of summer through Labor Day Weekend. That includes getting more wears out of my favorite summer dresses, like this tribal cold-shoulder number my mom made. After that, I will coat my life in pumpkin spice, put up my fall decorations, and embrace all-things autumn—not that I'm opposed to a September beach day if the weather allows.

It's funny to see the different camps of thought play out. Some of the bloggers I follow are already posting sweaters with Halloween motifs, while Refinery 29 is publishing snarky articles about why people enjoy pumpkin spice lattes. (Because they're delicious, that's why.) My thought is, do what makes you happy! This year more than ever, can we just let people enjoy their pumpkins in August, and their beach days in October? I mean it's 2020, is the calendar even relevant? What do you think—team summer, team fall, or team whatever the mood strikes? 

Monday, August 24, 2020

Smock It To Me

Head to Toe: Top, CT Couture // Jeans, Mavi Denim // Sandals, Teva (similar) // Earrings, Impulse Control Vintage

Believe it or not, this stunning view is just a quick walk from our new house! We've officially been moved in for a week, and we're finally feeling a little bit more settled. We're getting a crash course in the joys of home ownership, and learning some lessons of the measure twice, cut once persuasion. (I spent the weekend steam-removing wallpaper, and Sean did yard work.)

But, it's a labor of love! And it will be super worth it when everything comes together. Most days last week, you could find me in an old T-shirt and paint-stained shorts. But, I did manage to get dressed in some stretchy jeans (non maternity and fitted on top with a belly band) and this cute '70s smock. My mom made it from a vintage maternity pattern found on Etsy, and I paired with retro earrings and a vintage clutch. I'm excited to restyle it as a layering piece in the fall...which is coming up, fast. Can you believe Labor Day is the weekend after next?

Saturday, August 15, 2020

We Bought A House!

Head to Toe: (above) Dress, Sui by Anna Sui (below) Top, Free People // Shorts, Amazon // Sandals, Teva

I've been pretty mum with details about our new house. Sean and I are first-time homeowners, and buying can feel really uncertain and stressful. I didn't want to jinx it! There were minor hiccups, but everything really went off without a hitch this week. Thankfully, we had a great team and Realtor to get us through. 

The house is a three-bedroom split level. We're staying in Connecticut, and it is walking distance to the beach! The previous homeowners took great care of the place and cultivated some really beautiful landscaping. I'm hoping to be able to maintain all of their hard work—check out those pretty flowering trees in my backyard pics below. 

We'll be spending the weekend painting and sprucing. Monday we move everything in from our Norwalk apartment! It's a really great feeling to have a place all our own, and Sean and I are excited for this special time. Of course, I hope to share all the fun decor and DIY projects with you here! Do you have any suggestions for us as first-time homeowners? Tell me! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Botanical Tee, Take Two

Head to Toe: Tee, Parks Project // Shorts, DL 1961 // Shoes, Converse // Bag and earrings, vintage // Watch, Michael Kors via The Real Real

Oh 2020, what else can you throw at us? Yesterday, it was a hurricane. I didn't expect it to be much, until Sean and I were watching the weatherman report on a tornado spiraling through our town. A few minutes later, we lost power. And this preggo gets hot, fast, so Sean and I sought refuge today at my Dad's marketing office. 

Internet has been touch and go, but we've been rolling with the punches and figuring it out. That's the theme of this year, right? As Ross Geller would say, "Pivot!" I'm having the same mindset with my clothes, which is why I can't get enough of this soft, versatile tee. Today, I wanted to focus on comfort and keeping cool, so I threw it on with some maternity shorts and Chucks. Done. I hope you're staying cool!
Photos by Chris Loynd

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Botanical Tee & Peasant Skirt

Head to Toe: T-Shirt, Parks Project // Skirt, Beachgold // Bag and earrings, vintage // Shoes, Dr. Scholl's (similar)

I have been a Nuuly subscriber for almost a year now. When COVID hit, I debated cancelling my subscription (nowhere to go!), but decided to keep it. After all, I had room in my budget from skipping meals out, weekend trips and random Marshall's and Goodwill excursions. And, it's something to look forward to each month!

Since I've been pregnant, it has come in particularly handy. I haven't been jazzed about maternity options from more affordable retailers, and I'm not willing to spend much considering it will only fit for a short window. 

Nuuly stocks awesome designer maternity pants and shorts, which I have rented, and there are lots of other styles to choose from to account for my growing belly. This month, I took extra care in making my picks. I wanted to select things I really, really liked, not just things I thought would fit. (Thankfully, everything did.)

This outfit is one result of my thoughtful selection. It's something I would totally wear pre-pregnancy. And while flowy dresses are great, I love that this feels like a real "look." 

For the remaining six days of the week, I'll probably be back in flowy dresses. How have your shopping habits changed since the pandemic?