Friday, October 5, 2018

Halloween in Review: Favorite DIY Costume Ideas

A sad thing happened earlier this year. Polyvore—the website I used to create my yearly DIY Halloween costumes posts—closed down, and the images aren't even active on my past blog posts. Thankfully, you can still see all of them on my Pinterest page. So as I was retrieving the mood boards from Pinterest, I discovered some of the ideas were pretty dang popular. My Wednesday Adams DIY has more than 2,000 re-pins, and Bonnie & Clyde more than 1,000. So instead of linking all of my old posts, I figured this year I'd share my best-performing pins on Pinterest. Scroll down for the top five. 

Meanwhile, Sean and I are arguing over our annual couples costume—the debate is annual as well. In review, I think last year's Bob's Burgers bit (above) was my favorite. The only problem was if Sean wasn't standing next to me he kind of just looked like an Italian chef. People had a hard time guessing our Back to the Future costume, but that one was fun as well, and easily thrifted. Three years back we were The Shining (both below), which is great for a chilly Halloween since we were both pretty bundled up. But, I think my all-time favorite costume was my vintage circus performer look (bottom). Maybe I can revive it and get Sean to be the ring-master... What is your all-time favorite Halloween costume?

Top Five Most Pinned Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Have a white collared shirt and long sleeved black LBD in your closet? Then you've got all it takes to look like an Adams daughter. Layer the two and add pigtail braids and black tights. Extra points for pale makeup and a scowl. 

Bonnie Parker's look is super easy. Wear a beige pencil skirt, sweater and pumps, and tie on a silk scarf. Finish with a beret and fake handgun. For a couple's costume, throw your Clyde in a suite and top hat (easily found at a thrift shop or costume store).


Betty really doesn't require much work...A red dress and pumps plus gold jewelry is all you need. Extra points for dark curly hair, cat-eye makeup and a heart garter (you can craft one from ribbon and felt).

Any Grecian dress can serve as the base for this Helen of Troy costume. Pair with gold bangles, and slip-on braided sandals. A gauzy scarf makes a good headpiece and adds warmth. The final accessory? An armor-clad Paris with a bow and arrow.


Pair knee socks and Mary Janes with a yellow skirt and blazer and you're the perfect Cher. Even better with a bestie as Dionne.


  1. Cute and cool post.
    Enjoy the weekend.


  2. Oh my gosh, you have had some seriously amazing costumes! I love that you two go all in with couples costumes. (I can't even get my husband to dress up, let alone in a couples costume!) And these ideas are really wonderful.

  3. Cute ideas! Love the creativity behind them :)

    Anika |

  4. Awesome ideas! THank you for sharing. :)

    Shoot for the stars | ☆ ☆ ☆ | Facebook page | ☆ ☆ ☆ | Instagram

  5. Yes, so sad Polyvore is gone. Ugh miss them so much!!! But glad you still have your costume boards because they're SO good and full of inspiration. Tempted to do Bonnie this year especially since I pretty much have all the pieces!! xo

  6. There are really great ideas for Halloween. I'm not big on dressing up but love seeing what others dress up as.

  7. I was so frustrated with the way polyvore was handled! Guess that serves us right for trusting our content to anyone other than ourselves.
    You've had so many cute costumes over the years, I really love your circus performer one!
    Chic on the Cheap

    1. Lydia I know I am kicking myself for not saving the .jpgs and using those!! Who knew!

  8. These are some really nice ideas for Halloween. I love the creativety behind them.
    Have a happy Monday <3

  9. Great idea Betty boop is definitely my favourite Thanks for the ideas xoxo Cris

  10. So creative! I love The Shinny one! (I love that movie!!) <3
    Khadija | October's Lallu

  11. Loved all these Halloween costume ideas, so pretty.

    Nina's Style Blog


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