Friday, August 24, 2018

Making It In Manhattan Book Launch Party

This photo and above: Manonce Manonce
The Perfect Situation
Susan Shek Photography
 Matt Monath Photo
Head to Toe: Matching set, Anita Dongre (now on sale!) // Bag, Brahmin // Booties, J Shoes

Since moving to the burbs, I haven't been attending too many swanky New York City soirees. But I couldn't miss the chance to toast Caroline Vazzana's book launch for Making It in Manhattan: The Beginner's Guide to Surviving & Thriving in the World of Fashion. As a writer who has done freelance work for Caroline (below), I have noticed this girl's hustle first hand, and I couldn't be more proud that she has reached such a milestone. I wish there was a book like hers when I was getting my start in this ultra-competitive industry! Yet somehow, scanning the room at the Seville, I felt like I'd made it as well.
This photo and above: Susan Shek Photography


  1. That looks like such a fun event.
    And the book looks interesting,
    even just from the title
    you'll know that women will love it.


  2. great photos! really amazing post :)
    kisses from Poland :*

  3. Glad you and Caroline made it in Manhattan!

  4. You look fabulous rocking that coordinated Ayesha cold shouldered crop-top and miniskirt set from House of Anita Dongre!!! Your hairstyle and makeup also look very pretty.
    Congratulations to Caroline on the launch of her book 'Making It in Manhattan: The Beginner's Guide to Surviving + Thriving in the World of Fashion'!
    I love these photos of you, and of you with your friends and colleagues at Seville.

  5. Hello beautiful, great post! :)♥ I love your blog and I'm following it and hoping you could follow me back! xoxo


  6. Great post dear!
    I love those photos and you look absolutely stunning! ♥

    New post is on my blog. ♥

  7. It looks like an awesome event! :)

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  8. You definitely made it babe and I love how you matched the outfit with the cover of the book super creative. xoxo Cris

  9. I love how colourful everything is from the decor to the dresses!

    Bunny Bernice

  10. I would love to read this book. The launch looks so fun!

  11. you look absolutely stunning. love your style. cheap homecoming dresses

  12. Great post!
    Do you want to follow each other? If you want, please inform me in the commentary so that I can return it

    kisses xx


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