Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dear New York...

Head to Toe: Top, Jill Stuart // Pants, Rebecca Minkoff // Jacket, Scotch & Soda. Below: Lilysilk neck scarf 

Fashionistas, a lot has happened since we last saw each other. I got married! We had the most perfect, 80-degree wedding day and Virginia was showing off its beauty. Everything went off without a hitch. Then, we made a quick pit-stop in New York before hopping the plane to the Dominican Republic for our honeymoon, which was utter paradise. (Pictures of both events to come, I promise). Now, we’re settling into life as Mr. and Mrs. Burton but making one big change—we’re moving!

Next month, Sean and I are relocating to Connecticut. I’ll still be commuting into the city for work, but it will be a bit lifestyle change—one that I’m really excited for. When I was in high school and college, picturing my life as a glossy magazine editor, New York City was always part of that fantasy. A little over two years ago, that dream became a reality when I moved in with Sean in Brooklyn. Last year, we made the big leap to Manhattan.

Although I didn’t stay for very long, I do feel like I thoroughly made it here. I can navigate the subways without using Google maps and can find east and west in Midtown (below the grid, all bets are off). I can tell you the best places for cheap happy hour deals and the best rooftops worth splurging on. I say Houston Street with the proper pronunciation (it's how-stun). I have a fruit guy, a sunglasses guy, and a mango lady. I know to avoid the Monks who try and give you bracelets (promptly followed by a card that says “donation”). I can walk on the grates in stilettos—but don’t whenever possible—and learned to always carry an umbrella. I can advise of the best doughnut location in virtually every neighborhood.

But aside from all of those things, I define making it here by the relationships I’ve forged over the past few years. The friendships I’ve made in NYC are ones I know will continue for years to come. They’re relationships I plan to continue while I’m here during the week and on many fun weekends, and I know these friends will endure Metro North from time to time to visit me. These people make me so happy I didn’t give up when I cried my eyes out almost nightly the first few months I moved here. This place certainly takes some getting used to, but it’s so dang worth it.

Our new apartment has a spare bedroom, a balcony, and an unheard-of-in-NYC in-unit washer and dryer. But it will never have Central Park down the block and 24-hour access to any cuisine from around the world, delivered within an hour. It won’t have the doorway where Sean proposed last summer. It’s bittersweet, for sure, but I’m excited to see what this next step will bring. In the meantime, I'm sharing some snaps from my final springtime in the city.
Oh and P.S.—I got bangs!


  1. Aww! I am so so glad everything went well. It definitely sounds like you have some big lifestyle changes coming up, but I am certain they will be wonderful. Congratulations on everything!!

  2. I love your pants from the first chic.
    Congrats on your wedding ♥


  3. Congratulations on the move and welcome back to CT ! ;) You did quite a lot in your time in NYC and it's nice to know you won't be leaving cold turkey, hehe.
    (LOOOOVE those striped pants!)

  4. Aw, it's always bittersweet closing a chapter in your life. At least Connecticut is close by!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. Welcome back to Connecticut! I'm sure it will be hard to leave the city, but it's always close, right?


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