Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Blush Wrap Dress and Thoughts on NYFW Street Style

Head to Toe: Dress, ASTR // Bag, Deaux Lux // Boots, Seychelles // Coat, vintage

Guys, it was a frigid start to New York Fashion Week, which usually means street style is all about the statement coat. Thursday, I wore leather leggings, a super chunky turtleneck, Sorel boots and this pink leather coat. But when I got to my first show, I felt underdressed. My biggest street style observations were embellished stilettos, lacy dresses, and long, wide-legged slacks. Now, fashion week is obviously a huge exaggeration on the way people normally dress, but to quote Carrie Bradshaw, "I couldn't help but wonder," does this mean athleisure is finally over? Or at least, will we go back to wearing our Lululemons (JK all of my leggings are from T.J. Maxx) only at Soul Cycle and to the grocery store on Saturday? Will we have to step it up in other aspect of our lives, like work or, gasp, brunch? 

I don't know if a more dressed-up lifestyle is about to take root in NYC and beyond, but I did have to step up my game for NYFW, so I ran to Rent the Runway (I do the unlimited subscription) to get a dress for day two. This is what I came up with: an ASTR wrap dress paired with my favorite vintage L.L. Bean coat (scored at L Train Vintage in Williamsburg) and over-the-knee boots. Because let me remind you, it was still bitterly cold. I didn't feel so hot when I had to wait outside for 40 minutes at the Milly show, but I felt chic AF. So, fashun, right? 


  1. You look gorgeous. Wonderful post. xoxo Cris

  2. I hope it's the start of a bit more dress-up lifestyle (i'm writing this as a I sit in my gym clothes haha)
    gorgeous look, love the dress you rented

  3. i really love that kind of outfit. i can't wear something like that here because i live in a tropical country.


  4. wow darling you look beautifull,pretty styling.. online shopping in pakistan

  5. Your outfit is so perfect for NYFW - I really hope athleisure isn't dead! It's seriously one of the best trends ever!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. I do love this look, and while think fashion week does go to extremes, I can honestly say I've never been athleasures biggest fan, and woudln't mind seeing fewer leggings outside of the gym. But at least you are being sensible and covered up. I can't imagine how those women run around in sandals in new york in February.


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