Friday, September 15, 2017

Pattern Mixing For Fall

Head to Toe: Dress, Kmart // Skirt, Thrifted // Booties, Seychelles // Flaca Jewelry // Beret, street vendor // Socks, Marcmarcs

I've always subscribed to the maxim that it's not how expensive something is, but how you wear it. And if you want proof of that, it's this outfit. This flannel tunic is from Kmart—I needed an impromptu change last year and snagged it on clearance across the street from my job for $10—and I always get compliments on it. So for fashion week, I figured why not go skirt-over-dress and pattern-on-pattern? Oddly enough, it all kind of worked. I got stopped by more street photographers wearing this than any other day, and I had to laugh and keep myself from saying, "Thanks, it's house of Kmart."


  1. Such a cool way to mix patterns. Love it!

  2. Its definitely fun and different. Great!

  3. I like the originality of the outfit as well as the styling-it can be worn to work or as the one "formal,casual" outfit that everyone looks for.

    #sweetreats xx

  4. I would have never thought to mix these two together but it sure looks great!

  5. Ahh I think this is my favorite NYFW look - so street-chic! I love that you got it from KMart too! What a deal!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. What a lovely idea, need to try this later<3

    Kiko Kim

  7. Definitely an interesting look! Thanks for sharing!

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  10. I love how you mixed colours and black and white. All the accessories are stunning. Have a lovely day. xoxo Cris


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