Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Festivity In The City

Head to Toe: Jumper, EVIDNT // Mules, Summit // Bag, The Sak // Necklace, Ritani // Earrings, Flaca Jewelry

Love it or hate it (or love it and hate it), there's no denying one thing about New York City: The place knows how to do Christmas. Sparkly trees are sited pretty much everywhere you go, every restaurant and stoop is lit up and every hall decked. With less than a week until Christmas (how!?!), I'm taking the opportunity to pose in front of every green sparkly thing that I can and tote my pup around like the best present a girl could as for, because he is! How are you enjoying the holiday season?

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Head to Toe: Turtleneck and jeans, thrifted // Boots, Sorel // Hat, Zara // Earrings, Deepa Guarni // Sweater, RAGA

This weekend, a magical thing happened...We had our first snow day in NYC! Sean and I had to make a quick sojourn to Brooklyn, but when I returned home, the Upper West Side was a winter wonderland. I had to take a moment  to snap some blog photos (featuring this cozy cardigan I have barely taken off in the past week), then spent the rest of the afternoon in cozy hibernation mode watching the snow fall from my window. And the best part about living in NYC is there is no shoveling! How did you spend the first snow day of the year?

Monday, December 4, 2017

Menswear-Inspired Shirtdress & Festive Fringe

Head to Toe: Dress, J.O.A. // Coat, vintage // Hat, vendor // Earrings, Deepa Gurnani // Booties, Nina

I always say that after Halloween, you blink and it's New Year's. Here we are, half a blink through, and I can't believe how soon 2017 will be over! Sean and I had the loveliest Thanksgiving in Virginia, but after a week of traveling it was nice to have a low key weekend home these past few days to do chores and, more importantly, decorate for Christmas. The tree has been trimmed, the stockings hung by the mantle with care and the cookie-scented candles lit...nothing makes me happier. These next few weeks will be a blur, I'm sure, but I'm trying to slow down and enjoy as much as I can. Since I've missed a few weeks on the blog, I'm catching you up with some Instagram's. Happy Holiday season, fashionistas!

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Warm, Chunky Sweater Weather

Head to Toe: Sweater, Vince // Jeans, Wrangler // Boots, Bearpaw // Bag, The Sak

Early last week, it was 70 degrees in NYC. By Friday, it was below freezing. That's New England for you, and I'm not really minding the cold front, to be honest. Super chunky, warm, cozy sweaters like this one are helping, along with sheepskin boots. And it's getting me stoked for Thanksgiving which is—what???—next week! I'm ready to say so-long to high waist jeans and hello to post-turkey stretchy pants. All. The. Stuffing.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Leather Leggings and an Exciting Jewelry Launch

Head to Toe: T-shirt, MKT Studio (similar) // Leather leggings, David Learner // Shoes, KOIO // Hand Chain, Midori Linea // Bag, Michael Kors via TJ Maxx

The weather has finally turned in NYC, and it's finally feeling all autumnal and crispy. I'm reacting by piling on the sweaters, boots and scarves, but I haven't resorted to my giant wool coat yet. I snapped these shots earlier this week, before the cold came, when sneakers and a denim jacket did the trick. Knowing the weather these days, it will probably be 70 again next week so don't count my sneaker game out yet.

Thankfully, this not-so bundled look allowed me to show off my new hand chain from Midori Linea, handmade by designer Sakura. This is my first experimentation with a hand chain, and I absolutely love it. The bracelet-and-ring design with Blue Topaz quartz just felt extra special for a Monday, and the light construction didn't feel over-the-top. The brand's relaunched site and exclusive line debuts next week, on Nov. 16, and I am so excited to check out all of the pieces. The best part? Midori Linea is donating a portion of proceeds from sales to victims affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Stay tuned for more on this exciting collab!
Photos by the fiancรฉ . This post is sponsored by Midori Linea, but all opinions are my own. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Black & White & Halloween All Over

Head to Toe: Turtleneck, thrifted // Jeans, Unpublished // Boots, Sorel // Necklace, Stella & Dot

How was everyone's Halloweekend? Sean and I had a great time hosting friends at our place Friday and going to a friend's party Saturday. We repeated our Linda & Bob (from Bob's Burgers) both nights, and the look was a big hit. It was also super comfortable and natural—I got a lot of comments that the wig looked like it could be my real hair color—something that's more important to me as I get older.

Tomorrow, I'll be getting festive again for Halloween at work, and the weather has gotten perfectly cool and crispy for the holiday. I broke out my Sorel boots for the first time this season, and they are super warm and comfy. They're going to be my go-to's when the city gets all messy and slushy this winter, but we won't rush that. For now, Happy Halloween!

What comes before part B? ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿฅ‘

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Bob & Linda for the win ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ” Saturday binge watching character research @bobsburgersfox

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Easiest Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know how obsessed I am with Halloween. You get to dress up, eat candy and have fun—no commitments required. And no commitments means you shouldn't have to drop a ton of money on a costume for one night. So, I give you my sixth-annual DIY Halloween Costume post. These five last-minute ideas can be crafted from pieces you already have in your closet and are bound to impress everyone at the party. Happy Halloweekend!

Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day Costume

This modern-day take on Groundhog Day is super relevant this year and incredibly easy to recreate. Just put on your clubbing clothes, add some smudgy mascara and grab a cupcake—birthday candle included! The best part? At the end of the night, you can eat the cupcake...

Thong Jeans

Thong Jeans Costume

This hilarious Japanese fashion faux pas makes a ridiculously easy costume. If you don't have a pair of jeans you're willing to sacrifice, grab a pair cheap at your local Salvation Army and get cutting, eliminating everything but the seams. Wear over a bodysuit with running shoes.

Georgie from IT

Georgie Costume

Sean actually talked me into seeing IT and, yes, it's that scary. Spook your friends with an easy Georgie costume by throwing on your wellies with a yellow raincoat. If the jacket is something you're willing to sacrifice, some fake blood and a jagged end (tuck in your arm) amps up the fear factor. Don't forget your red balloon!

Beyonce Baby Announcement

Beyonce Costume

Beyonce broke the internet with her twin pregnancy announcement, and daring fashionistas can easily recreate it. Pop a pillow under a nude-colored tank and top with a lacy bra, short shorts and gauzy scarf on your head. Or, go as the birth announcement with the same look and twin baby dolls. Even better—you and your bestie can go as both!

Fake News

fake news costume

Okay, you probably don't have a newspaper hoodie in your closet, but you can still recreate this look by pinning newspaper to a dress you already have. And if you don't want to order the hat, cut out big red letters that say FAKE and glue to the front of your DIY newspaper dress. If you're really getting into character, loudly interrupt your friends all night by yelling, "Fake!"

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