Tuesday, September 6, 2016

That's Gold: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Head To Toe: Top, Free People // Shorts, vintage Levi's // Booties, Musse & Cloud // Bag, Kate Spade

The best thing about this Monday is that it's actually Tuesday, amiright? I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend! I'm a little lot sad that summer is ending but glad I had one last beach weekend before fall's crisp air swoops in. Sean and I went to Ocean City, NJ, with friends and had a great time just hanging out and walking the boardwalk and the beach. Sometimes you just need to get out of town, yanno? Thankfully, hurricane Hermine (predicted to wash out the whole weekend) pretty much missed us, only leaving a little extra wind that made for one sandy beach afternoon. On Saturday night, we took a trip to Atlantic City for a night out at the Casino—the perfect occasion to wear these Irresistible Me 100 human hair extensions.

I tested them out in Brooklyn before we left (pictured) and instantly fell in love. My friends and I would wear extensions for nights out in our early twenties but eventually gave up the habit. I was super excited to revisit the idea. Made from 100-percent human hair, these look and feel super soft and natural with tapered ends just like natural hair. And the color is spot-on if I do say so myself. I've been growing out my hair since about March of last year and although my locks have grown a lot, it's fun to feel like they're bombshell long every now and then. Plus, with fine hair like mine, sometimes it's nice to put in extensions for a nice thick bun, braid or ponytail. And since these easily clip in and out, it's a no brainer. What are your thoughts on extensions?
This post is sponsored by Irresistible Me but all opinions are my own.


  1. Ooh, those extensions look amazing, I never would have known! (Except I know what your hair length was before, hah!)

  2. Your extensions are perfection, they honestly look incredibly seamless. As for myself?! Love extensions, but haven't worn mine in a while... will need to revisit them. Also, your purse is SO darling!! xo


  3. You look fantastic! I have one of their curling wands and just love it :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  4. It definitely feels like a Monday...but that long weekend was so needed! Though I will definitely miss the summer. You look amazing. Those extensions are stunning and I love your top as well. :)

  5. Such cool photos !


  6. I'd love to try hair extensions!
    Have a fabulous day!

  7. great post... lovely :)

  8. I also have this hairextensions and are perfect! You look super pretty:)
    I'm following you now!

  9. Oh my gosh, your hair extensions are absolutely perfect! xo

  10. Wow, those extensions look so natural, and gorgeous! Plus, I love x1000 your ice cream truck bag.

  11. Love the long hair and short shorts!


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