Sunday, November 29, 2015


Head to Toe: Turtleneck, H&M // Overalls, Hollister // Booties, Victoria's Secret // Wallet, Furla

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving (and a five-day weekend) has already come and gone, but I'm feeling recharged with a whole lot to be thankful for. Wednesday night I prepped some yummy sides for my family's turkey day and went out with friends for a drink to celebrate. Sean and I split the holiday between our families and had a great time eating and talking and eating some more. The rest of the break was majorly relaxing...We saw The Night Before, and it was absolutely hysterical. Sunday I started my Christmas prepping and got a little tree for our apartment. I even have most of my shopping done and got everything wrapped. Let me note that this is not the norm. While I'm an avid decorator, I can be more of a last-minute shopper. But with my free time being so slim these days, it feels great to be ahead of things. My goal for this holiday season is to enjoy the little things among the business. And for a month that's all about "stuff," I'm trying to downsize (partially for peace of mind and partially to prepare for my move coming up). So I'm avoiding the holiday mall mayhem and sticking to tried-and-trues, which believe it or not include these comfy overalls. Anyone (like me) who has avoided trend should give in and buy a pair. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Work Hard, Play Hard

Happy Tuesday, fashionistas!...It's been a whirlwind few weeks, so apologies for my lack of posting. I've been loving my new gig at Footwear Plus and Earnshaw's magazines, and it's been great to be in the city. But New York, especially with a commute from Connecticut, is a bit tiring. My sweet pup also had surgery last week (everything went well and we took him home from the hospital yesterday). So needless to say it's been a struggle to get clothes on my body every day, let alone blog about them. But don't worry, it hasn't been all work and no play for this dull girl. This past weekend we celebrated my bestie and roomie's birthday with a night out, and I never shared photos from Halloween a few weeks back (snaps below). Otherwise, there have been a lot of late nights and early mornings, and I've found myself lacking the energy to put together creative outfits. Do you have any advice/tricks to look stylish in less time? Signed, in a rut. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Tight Decision

Head to Toe: Sweater, H&M // Skirt and tights, Marshall's // Oxfords, Forever 21 // Coat, thrifted

After last week's warm spell, it's finally starting to feel like November in the Northeast. I did some Marshall's shopping this past weekend to stock up on some commuter necessities (including these ultra comfy fleece-lined tights) and scored this denim skirt on the clearance rack to boot. On a particularly cold night a few weeks ago, I was out to dinner with my boyfriend when he commented on a crew of women that came in, sans tights: "Do girls ever wear tights? They must be freezing." My mom and dad--who herald from Maryland and Delaware, respectively--would attribute this to New England stubbornness, but I think there's more. I told Sean that I thought most women put off wearing tights for as long as possible since, in my opinion, most dresses and skirts look better without them (more shape, less bulk). And in New York City, bare legs are a downright status symbol. In an article for the Guardian, Jess Cartner-Morley asserts that black tights are what separates the models from the mortals (i.e., if you take the subway and can't afford a St. Barth's tan in December, tights are a matter of practicality). But the jury's still out. In a reaction to Cartner-Morley's article, Refinery 29 writer Rachel Syme defends her beloved, luxurious black tights. I guess I am on the fence...I have suffered through many a freezing Connecticut winter and am absolutely miserable if I'm too cold. I have a drawer-full of tights in every color of the rainbow that I wear all winter long, and they can absolutely look adorable (I wouldn't have shared this look with you if I didn't think so). But, there is something to opting out when it comes to really showing off a dress. I'll admit to toughing out both New Year's and my birthday (which is in late January) in bare legs. Bottom line is that this blog is about how everyday girls dress for everyday life, and going to work between November and March (let's be real, April in the Northeast) in bare legs is quite silly. But on special occasions when I can spring for a cab, you might see me pretending to be an it girl for a night (sporting a drugstore faux tan).

Friday, November 6, 2015

Locally Made: Mint City U.S.

Casual weekend look

Hey, fashionistas! I want to bring your attention to a really cool brand that's designed and made locally in Norwalk, Connecticut called Mint City. Just in time for holiday shopping (yes, terrifying that that time has come) are two new collections: Intergallactic MeltCrew and Melt Cycles. The line includes graphic tees, jackets, hoodies and hats in both printed and embroidered designs. For products that are handmade in small batches, the price point is unbeatable (Tees are $30 and under; beanies run for $15). The selection is perfect for the man in your life who insists on American-made, and chicks can rock it too. My loyal readers are already aware of my beanie obsession in the wintertime, so I styled a perfect Saturday look with one of the new hats, above. Happy shopping!