Monday, October 19, 2015

DIY Closet Costumes for Halloween

Happy Monday, fashionistas! I hope you enjoyed this blustery fall weekend as much as I did. The cold front is a reminder that Halloween is less than two week away. Have you planned your costume yet? Sean and I are doing a couple's costume, but, as always, I'm keeping the details quiet until Halloween. If you aren't as crazy as me, you may not have even thought about what you'll be: Hence, my annual DIY last-minute costume post. The only thing worse than an expensive store-bought look is a lame pair of cat ears, or (gasp!) nothing at all. These ideas can be put together with clothes you already have in your closet, plus a few accessories if you want to up the ante. Timeless or timely, check out these Instagram-worthy looks that will win Halloween.
Helen of Troy DIY costume
Any Grecian dress can serve as the base for this Helen of Troy costume. Pair with gold bangles, and slip on braided sandals. A gauzy scarf makes a good headpiece and adds warmth. The final accessory? An armor-clad Paris with a bow and arrow.
Wednesday Adams DIY costume

Have a white collared shirt and long sleeved black LBD in your closet? Then you've got all it takes to look like an Adams daughter. Layer the two and add pigtail braids and black tights. Extra points for pale makeup and a scowl. 
Jurassic World DIY Halloween Costume
Claire from Jurassic World was definitely one of this year's most badass female characters. A white pencil skirt and blouse layered over a tank is all it takes. (Messy it up for the full effect.) One caveat: No taking off your heels—all. night. long. If Claire can run from the Velociraptors in hers, then you can get from your apartment to the party and back.

Bad Blood Halloween Costume
Speaking of badass female characters, Taylor Swift's Bad Blood video has a ton. Wear this solo or with your whole squad. Leather leggings and a clingy black turtleneck make the look. A funky belt and some big glasses (ski goggles maybe?) bring it home.

Halloween - Hillary Clinton
Besides for her emails, democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is perhaps most famous for her power suits. Find one cheap at the thrift store (or pair a blazer and slacks in the same color), then add pearls and a patriotic pin. 


  1. These are all awesome ideas! I need to think of something for Halloween myself... xx


  2. Love Wednesday! Did that a couple of years ago! Great selection!

  3. This is awesome! I got an idea for my costume atleast! Kisses<3

  4. I love great and classy costume ideas! Great inspirational selection :)
    Ivona from

  5. Thanks for sharing these, great ideas! Love the Bad Blood costume, might actually wear that on Halloween!

  6. Postagem maravilhosa amei as dicas dos looks

  7. They're soo cool <3 xx

  8. These are all such great ideas I love Halloween but hate having to spend so much money on different costumes These are so smart and much less expensive

  9. Great inspiration! Love all the costumes!

    - Deniz


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