Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Brighter Days Ahead

Head to Toe: Sweater, Continuations Consignments // Skirt, Marshall's // Boots and bag, Steve Madden // Necklace, Laila Rowe

Friends, take a good long look at this skirt, because you probably won't be seeing it on the blog again. As you know, I'm a huge Maxxinista, but have you ever tried something on and the fit is just off, and you realize that's why it ended up at in a discount store? This was not the case with this skirt, which I wore on this past Monday—sans tights. It wasn't until I washed and dried it (following the directions on the tag, of course), and it shrunk in half, that I realized why it was, in fact, at Marshall's. Le sigh. Thankfully, it was enough of a bargain that I'm not taking too much of a hit at one wear. And since I'm an optimist, I hung it in my closet anyway with the hope that when I pick it up again it will have magically returned to its original size. Wishful thinking, I know. Happy hump day fashionistas!


  1. Cute casual look, I love the silver sequin detailing of your top!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  2. Loving this look! The skirt and sweater are such a cute pair!
    Hmm, that's weird, I don't think that would be the reason it ended up at Marshalls, haha. Unless places make a habit of testing washing/drying products before selling them and noticed that way, haha

  3. So happy for some warmer weather finally, and your skirt is really adorable. The good thing is that since it was from Marshalls if you take it back with the receipt and explain what happened you can get a store credit.
    Chic on the Cheap

    1. NO WAY! So excited to know this, thanks :D

  4. So cute and chic outfit, I absolutely love it! The skirt is my fave and paired with that gorgeous colored sweater, aw! It's just so perfect! Adore your blog girl :* Kisses from Budapest xo

    Csenge | Csenge's Point

  5. loving those boots! such a darling outfit!

  6. Such a lovely sweater :-) I've just joined your blog, If You want support me too, here I am :-*

  7. I love that skirt. This outfit together looks great <3

  8. Love the shorts.

  9. Awww sorry about the skirt- I hate when that happens! Especially after following the directions. On another note, you look absolutely adorable! xx

  10. I love how your skirt just perfectly matches the bottom of your jumper, so pretty!

    Much love xxx

  11. Your yellow neon sweater ROCK!!! and love how it has silver on it! That asymmetric skirt is the coolest! Fabbbbb boots too!! BABE!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  12. Aww, that skirt looks so nice on you though! It's matches the whole look

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  13. OMG beautiful look, love the mix of these colors.

  14. Nice skirt!
    Lovely colors...


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