Thursday, February 5, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, fashionistas! I know you are all as tired of me complaining about winter as I am of, well, winter, but it has become downright impossible to muster up the nerve to stand outside and take outfit photos...Especially since my go-to spots are now covered in snow. So I figured instead I'd give you the rundown on what I'm into these days.

First, fuchsia lipstick. Red is usually my signature bold hue, but I recently discovered this NYC Expert Last lip color (only $4) and have been rocking it like it's going out of style. I'm wearing Fidi Fuchsia in the photo above.

On the other side of pink, my February mani has been decidedly dark—but not quite black. Call me a Valentine's cynic, but nothing about me is craving pink tips these days. Favorite shades of emo include OPI's Here Today, Argon Tomorrow (which is actually a very dark green—I'm wearing it in the second photo below) and OPI's Black Cherry Chutney, a rich mahogany. Finish the look off with midi rings for the perfect touch of bling...and to diminish the goth factor. Mine were a gift, but I'm digging Free People's array of options (shown below).
And, of course, I haven't stopped crushing on beanies. In fact, I just got a new American Apparel Fisherman beanie yesterday to add to my collection. It's actually the one pop of color I've been wearing among my new affinity for head-to-toe black...Maybe I am turning emo? Or maybe it's that I have about 100 pairs of black leggings and they're all I want to wear these days. In my defense, skinnies are necessary to tuck into my snow boots, the last thing that I have been unable to take off these past few weeks. If you don't have a pair yet, not to worry, New England has plenty of cold left for you, and Refinery 29 has this great article on the best pairs: The Best Snow Boots, According to You. High five for Friday friends!


  1. Your lip stick in that first picture is so perfect! It looks amazing on you (:

    - Deniz

  2. That pink is so pretty, looks great on you! And yep, I'm all about the dark nail polish in Winter! :D

  3. Looks amazing!!

  4. Great pictures! X Minale

  5. Love the look in the last photo. And who says dark colors can't also be worn for Valantine's day?

    Rae | love from berlin

  6. That lipstick shade is gorgeous on you! And for only $4, well, you could buy one in every shade without feeling any guilt :)

  7. Love the lipstick, looks very flattering on you.

    And the stacked rings are very pretty.

  8. OPI's nails colour is pretty awesome!

  9. Awesome pictures, love the rings :)


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