Friday, November 28, 2014

Giving Thanks

Head to Toe: Dress, Free People (thrifted) // Boots, Frye // Top, Urban Outfitters // Headband, Francesca's.

Happy [belated] Thanksgiving! This dress was Turkey Day–appropriate last year (see the post here), so I figured why not repeat it again. I enjoyed a pampered dinner out with my parents and lots of quality time by a cranking fire at their house. In so many ways, 2014 has probably been the most challenging year of my life, but as it's coming to an end, I have so much to be thankful for—particularly, my friends and family that supported me through the ups and downs. I can't be happier to have reached this season of celebration with a smile, and am looking forward to make a few more good memories as the year comes to a close.
Photos by CRL

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cold Snap

Head to Toe: Flannel and sweater, Thrifted // Skirt, J. Crew // Boots, Frye.

We New Englanders got a taste of winter this week (unlike the peeps in Buffalo, who got a full-fledged serving). With highs below 30, I was forced to dabble in my cold-weather wardrobe. Chunky wool sweaters like this one are super warm, and are honestly what get me through the season, fashion statements aside. For morning appointments in the city, I wanted to look pulled-together while battling the freeze so I swapped tights for leggings and paired with knee-high boots. Thankfully, the cold seems to be least for now. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Brotherly Love

Head to Toe: Flannel, Urban Outfitters // Sweater, Gap // Coat, Old Navy // Jeans and hat, Forever 21 // Socks, Marshall's // Boots, Steve Madden // Necklace, Francesca's // Bag, Nine West

This past weekend I went to visit my brother, Trever, who lives in Pennsylvania. For me, nothing does the brain better than getting away and exploring another place. He showed me all of his favorite spots (including a circa-1800s prison-turned-nightclub and buildings with beautiful murals painted by the local art school, pictured above). I seemed to have brought the northeast cold with me, so layers were required, and I broke out the winter coat for the first time this season. But I have to say, walking out of the pub Friday night to flurries over garland-adorned light posts felt pretty darn festive. Thanks for a great weekend, bro!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Chic Crop

Head to Toe: Top, Urban Outfitters // Skirt, Thrifted // Booties, Target // Clutch, Old Navy

Happy Friday fashionistas! Here's my take on the high waist + crop top combo with a vintage thrift store skirt and a velvet number from Urban Outfitters—which feels very festive paired with the berry hue. There are about three days a year that a wool calf length skirt is weather appropriate. It's super warm but requires bare legs (it looks a bit homely with tights), and this past Wednesday happened to be one of those ideal days. I even had an event that required me to be a little more dressed up. So take it in people, because this '80s magenta number probably won't make another appearance for quite a while (confession: it is also terribly tight).

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Frills and Flannel

Head to Toe: Flannel, Urban Outfitters // Leggings, Marshall's // Loafers, Steve Madden // Bag, Michael Kors // Necklace, American Eagle

Apologies for my lack of smile in these photos. I was fighting a cold, which has only gotten worse (I even stayed home from work today). Comfy leather leggings and a flannel got me through the day, and my studded loafers always add a dose of confidence—perhaps it's because they can be used as weapons if the situation calls for it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

No-Pants November

Head to Toe: Top, Forever 21 // Leggings and socks, Marshall's // Cardigan, Thrifted // Scarf, H&M // Boots, Frye

Pants? Remind me what those are again...As of late, it has become more and more challenging to put on real pants when leggings (such as these fleece-lined ones) are just so darn comfortable. Normally, this would qualify for a Saturday shopping outfit, but I snuck it in on Monday when I woke up feeling like I was coming down with a cold (I was correct, as I am not battling the full-blown version). So, the result involves leggings, a long cardi, a chunky scarf and some darn cozy socks. Call it the "basic b" fall uniform, but it earned such widespread love for good reason.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Head to Toe: Sweatshirt, Loft // Jeans, Forever 21 // Heels, Payless // Necklace, Francesca's // Bag, Michael Kors

Happy Sunday fashionistas! Can you believe we're into NOVEMBER? I wouldn't, if it weren't for my super-dark commute, or the cold wind that hits my now-bare neck. I'm trying to appreciate the season before it's gone (mostly by noticing in the New England foliage and drinking caramel apple ciders from Starbucks). I'm also cherishing the simple construction of this outfit—top + jeans + pumps—before it's the scarf/hat/boots/parka time of year.

On another note, I'd like to welcome two dear friends to the blogosphere. My coworker and good friend Alexis recently started a blog, Cheese & Weim, to detail her foodie/chef/dog-owner/all-around-cool-chick adventures. It's told in her witty, totally-real voice that you won't be able to get enough of. Her sister, Emmy, also recently debuted a blog, healthwholehearted. Flexing some serious writing muscles, she blogs about how to overlook our hum-drum daily schedules and make the most out of life—exercise inspiration and puppy pictures included. Need I say more? Go drop by and say hello!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Under the Big Top

Happy Monday! But, let's backtrack and talk about Halloweekend. I have always loved the circus, and my favorite era would have the be the roaring '20s, so I decided to go out this year as a vintage circus performer. I loosely based the idea off of one of my favorite books, Water for Elephants (great movie, too). The sequin leotard is a thrifted gem, finished with a headpiece and boa from the costume store. My key prop was a hula hoop—you know, for my lions and tigers to jump through. And my bob felt pretty period-appropriate. All in all the look cost about $25. I had a blast with friends out in NYC, which is thankfully one of the only places in the world you can go out in public sans pants without catching too many sideways glances. What was the best costume you saw this year?