Monday, August 18, 2014

The New Neon

Head to Toe: Blouse, Marshall's // Skirt, Urban Outfitters via Goodwill / Sandals, Steve Madden // Shades, Guess // Clutch, Rue 21 // Necklace, J. Crew.

Let's face it: Summer is coming to an end. There are only so many more weeks that neon green will be acceptable, so I'm living it up (especially in a skirt purchased with tags on for $5 at Goodwill). For me—after 17 years of education—the "New Year" comes in the fall. And as a new season rolls in, I've been doing a lot of pondering about the 'selves' that we portray through blogging. Don't get me wrong, I try my best to be my honest self on this blog, and the outfits I posts are things I actually wear (to work, on the weekends, out, etc.)...But, there are lots of things I don't share. Like, I always leave late for the train. It's a game I play with myself to see if I can make it in the very least amount of time. Also, I put tinfoil on a cookie sheet before I bake anything, just so I don't have to wash the pan (sorry environmentalists). And I rarely eat anything that isn't takeout or from the freezer section, unless it's pasta.  Bottom line, no matter how great we feel in a particular outfit, or on a particular day, no one is perfect, and that's something I'm trying to remind myself of as I propel into my mid-twenties and this "new year."


  1. so in love with your skirt! girl, i can relate to your non-perfect life. i am perpetually rushing to work and totally survive on ready-made meals. your blog is perfect because you portray life/fashion so realistically!


  2. Annie, such a great read! I know that for me I usually am not very personal an my blog (for bad or for worse). People reading it probably don't really know what's going on in my life, but that's just how I am. Heck, I don't even have a personal Facebook account! But I always enjoy when other bloggers share tid bits about their life (perhaps I should too). I am always rushing as well! I'd just rather get that extra few minutes of sleep ;) Lovely outfit too by the way. That skirt is such a steal! And so pretty. I adore how you styled it.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  3. I'm a sucker for bright pops of color, lovely skirt :)

    -- Michelle | MXP STYLE

  4. super:)) x

  5. We're all far from perfect (I do the same thing with cookie sheets). Also, I really, really love this skirt - the colour and pleats are so fun!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. I love that you can wear neon so well! Jealous!

  7. Haha! I'm the same way! Mostly frozen/pre-made food unless I go to my mom's for dinner!

  8. That skirt was a great find! We are neon green skirt twins (sort of) today!
    Chic on the Cheap

  9. Beautiful skirt.

  10. Thank you for sharing these details with us Annie! To me you look very near to perfection anyway :-) love your skirt!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook / International Giveaway

  11. Very nice skirt. Perfect color. xa

  12. Who takes all your pictures? You look fabulous! !!


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