Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summertime Fine

Head to Toe: Top, Gap; Jacket, Forever 21; Jeans, Hollister via Continuations Consignments; Shoes, Toms.

The unpredictability of New England weather is truly ceaseless. Just when we thought it was truly summer, Mother Nature struck back with a 50-something day yesterday. But for me, what's done is done. Even if I need to dress for cooler days, I'm full into my laid back summer style. As in, undone hair, loose fits and color. So even when the overcast and cold front came in, I still felt summery (spot the rowers behind me?) in post Memorial Day white jeans and a swingy top. A trade show freebie tote is the perfect carryall.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What's in your purse?

I've always toyed with the idea of doing a purse post, but never had the gumption to put one together. When Erin at Credit Card Insider reached out to me to create one for its "What's in your purse?" campaign, it was just the push I needed. So, here goes. My Vera Bradley wallet is my lifesaver. It has a million compartments and can expand to hold a phone and keys in a pinch. For an organization addict like myself, it's a must. I always carry business cards inside said wallet—both for work and my blog. I also carry a catchall that I can toss into whatever purse I'm wearing with things like Chapstick, and a train commuter essential, my headphones. Plus of course my train pass.
These Marc by Marc Jacobs shades complement any outfit. And like any millennial, I never leave the house without my iPhone. I also carry an Apple adapter in my catchall, and it always comes in handy (everything, like the treadmills at the gym, is still on the old charger). Last, a tiny vial of CC cream (courtesy of my Birch Box) is a quick fix on no-makeup mornings.
If you don't own one of these little brush/mirror compacts, you don't know what you're missing. I know we all had them in the third grade but they are still so awesome. I also carry my ELF lip stains (yes, the $1 ones), which are great for adding a little glam if I'm dashing to a meeting. I also keep measuring tape because you never know when you'll find the perfect vintage dresser and need to determine if it will fit up your stairs. And, as a reporter I always keep a notebook (albeit a tiny one) and pen on hand. Plus of course, snacks...Because nobody likes a hungry Annie.
Lastly, the commuter essentials: My Kindle, planner and an umbrella. I am notorious for losing umbrellas so it is not a particularly cute or even effective one but it does the trick. It's cheap enough to replace when I inevitably misplace it and functional enough to prevent soggy shoes...That's what's in my purse—what's in yours?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Apartment Life: Living Room

Hey friends! I hope it was a long and restful MDW for all. The weather was beautiful and it really felt like the kickoff to summer. One of my weekend projects was to shoot my apartment so I can finally share my digs on the blog. Today, I'm revealing the living room. Highlights include wrought iron coffee and side tables that I spray painted gold, a repurposed kitchen cart etagere, my grandmother's typewriter and a hand-me-down coffee table painted pink. The blue rug is a clearance steal from Urban Outfitters and the gray stripe was an Ikea find. The braided dog bed was handmade by my mom (visit her Etsy store). An Ikea magazine rack shows off my collection of Cottages & Gardens mags and the curtains are from Home Goods—hemmed by me to accomodate the cove ceilings. A Victorian-style sofa from my Dad's office completes the picture. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Garden Party

Head to Toe: Dress, French Connection via Sacks Thrift Avenue; Pumps, Payless; Bag, Old Navy.

Happy Friday! It was a jam-packed work week for me, so I'm glad for a long weekend. I attended a work-related lunch event on Wednesday, and the theme was "garden party." I immediately thought of this dress, which I found at a consignment shop in my new stomping grounds. It looked great, but fits a little too snugly (confession: I changed into a loose maxi after lunch). The things we do for fashion! How are you kicking off summer this weekend?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's a Mod Mod World

Head to Toe: Dress, Vintage; Wedges, Tommy Hilfiger; Shades, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Another fabulous score from Village Vogue in Milford, this vintage '60s lace dress was the perfect attire for my company's Innovation in Design Awards banquet last night. Perfect being that there was room to eat in it...and it wasn't black. I don't know if it was the electric color or the vintage design, but I got a TON of compliments on this dress. And at $40, it probably cost a lot less than its peers at the party. Now that's a fashion win!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Snapshots - Geometric Dress

Head to Toe: Dress, Marshall's; Jacket, Forever 21; Flats, Vince Camuto.

I kind of like the way a vintage filter shows off this mod shift, which I sported to work yesterday. I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but I've been finding it harder than ever to get dressed in the morning these days. Besides the temperamental weather, which has certainly made things challenging, it's that in-between time of year where it's still spring but our hearts are set on summer. Plus, I feel like my style is more boho in warmer months, and I struggle to make that aesthetic "work appropriate." My outfit indecisiveness has led to two mornings in a row of sprinting for the train. What are your go-to looks for this ambiguous time of year? Signed, Confused in Connecticut. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Power Suit

Head to Toe: Suit, Thrifted; Blouse, Ann Taylor, Heels, Payless; Necklace, J. Crew

This Versace suit is my epic buy of the year, thrifted at Villiage Vogue for $20 the other weekend. It has been April showering all through May, and I needed something a little dressier to wear to an after-hours work event last week that provided more coverage than a tiny cocktail dress. This suit was the perfect thing to elevate a dismal day, and I got a lot of comments about how "glamorous" I looked. Really though, I think it was the red lipstick and not the Versace, but I'm sure it helped.