Saturday, March 29, 2014

March Snaps and a Blogging Break

Happy Saturday, fashionistas! Since I started New England Romance, going on three years ago this August, I've never taken a break from blogging. Now a quarter way through 2014, the year has already proved to be an exciting and eventful time (check the Instagram snaps from March alone). For me, it has also been a period of change and incredible self growth. I bought my first car, got a new job on my dream career path and most recently have gotten a place of my own. I'll be moving out of my parents'  house over the next week! Once a door opens, things seem to happen incredibly fast and I'm left grappling with what these changes mean for the other aspects of my life - personally, professionally and otherwise. So, I've decided to take a break from writing about my life for a few weeks and focus on living it. Look back for me in mid-April, and I promise to deliver on some incredible outfits (hopefully sans tights!), interior design posts and DIY projects. See you then!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Spring" Neutrals and a Twirl-Worthy Contest

Head to Toe: Top, Marshall's; Blazer, Forever 21; Pants, Gap; Clogs, Ugg.

As it turns out, navy + emerald + army green is a surprisingly appealing combo. Sure, it's not all florals and daisies spring, but who's in the mood for that when it's below freezing and blustery out? I'm still going with the "hunter green is the it color for spring" idea. I don't know about you, but this endless winter is slowly killing my soul. How about a fun contest to boost our spirits? Check out below how you can enter to win a $350 ModCloth gift card. Caution: It involves twirling (though actually moving may not be necessary in these high-speed winds).
Show off your twirling capabilities with the ModCloth ‘Twirl Around the World Contest’ and you could win a $350 gift card! Snap a photo of yourself twirling in your favorite spring ensemble and upload to the Style Gallery or post on your Instagram account with the hashtag #modtwirl. Videos will also be considered on Instagram. Contest ends 3/31 at 10am PT. One Instagram winner and one Style Gallery winner will be chosen on 3/31 by EOD. Happy twirling!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pretty Pastels with an Anjolee Bracelet

Head to Toe: Top, Forever 21; Cords, J. Crew; Vest, Kensie; Clogs, Ugg; Gemstone Bracelet, Anjolee.

Hey friends! I hope it was a great weekend. Mine was a bit of a wash...I came down with the tummy bug that's been going around towards the end of the week and have been pretty lethargic these past few days. I did, however, manage to snap some outfit photos sporting my new Anjolee gemstone bracelet after work Thursday. The lovely peeps at Anjolee approached me to pick out a piece of jewelry to share with my readers, and I was drawn to their birthstone bracelets. My birthstone for January is garnet, a very pretty but very wintry deep red. I chose, instead, a more springlike combo of silver and topaz. I love the dainty (but sturdy) bracelet and was pleased to find that you can custom-order the length, as it's always a challenge for me to find bracelets that don't fall off my tiny wrists. Follow the links above to find one of your own.
 Photos by CRL

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Design Days

Head to Toe: (above) Dress, Marshall's // Blazer, TJ Maxx // Bag, Thrifted // Booties, Target. (below) Dress, Loft // Tights, Urban Outfitters // Boots, Frye // Necklaces, J. Crew and American Eagle.

I was in and out of NYC this week for work events in the Decoration & Design building, leaving little time to pose for photos. Rushed bathroom selfies in public places may not be the classiest of options, but this blogger is not one to let a good outfit go unposted. These two looks are my commuting stalples: dressy without being too formal, warm and walkable (stilettos and subway grates simply don't mix for this Connecticut girl). The D&D building holds one showroom after another of fabulous fabric, furniture and so much more. I always leave feeling inspired. Now if only it could get my hands on a place to decorate!

Monday, March 17, 2014


Head to Toe: Blouse, Thrifted // Cords, J. Crew // Bag, Nine West // Clogs, Ugg

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Being my usual over-the-top self, I opted for green on green, but I honestly liked the kelly + mint combo and would wear this on any other spring day. Today also happens to be my dad's birthday, so happy birthday to you Dad! He is always one of my biggest supporters and a great commuting buddy. I truly am lucky (even though I'm not Irish).
Photos by CTL

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Blooms

Head to Toe: Top, Marshall's; Cardi, J. Crew; Jeans, Continuations Consignments; Necklace, Francesca's Collections; Booties, Target; Bag, Nine West.

Happy weekend! The sun is shining and I'm about to head off to my new hot yoga obsession for some morning relaxation. The New Haven St. Patrick's Day parade is tomorrow, but I've decided to skip for the first time in years. I'll be resting up instead of partying and even doing some apartment shopping. If you are going green, have fun and be safe!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In Like a Lion

Head to Toe: Sweater, Old Navy; Scarf, Steve Madden; Skirt, TJ Maxx; Bag, Nine West; Booties, Target.

Yup, here is a perfect example of the unpredictability of New England "spring." I snapped these photos during an unexpected snow shower Monday morning, and another is on its way tonight. Nothing, though, is lowering my spirits. The magazine I work for wrapped up the first issue of its newest venture today, San Francisco Cottages & Gardens (keep your eyes peeled, West coasters!). I can't wait until it's back from the printer and I can actually hold it and thumb through the glossy pages (stay tuned for web articles). Now all that's left on my to-do list is a trip to California!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Festival Season

Head to Toe: Poncho, Thrifted; Jeans, Gap; Shoes, Toms; Bag, Nine West.

It's that time of year again! On the West coast, it's festival season, while in New England, it's just unpredictable March. So when ModCloth challenged its bloggers to style a boho, festival-themed look, I immediately thought of my comfy poncho for a winterized take on Coachella's laid back vibe. I can even picture it being worn over shorts or as a coverup on a summer evening (in the far off future, sigh). Plus I think my lack of done hair and makeup enhanced the I could really use a shower festival look.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Simplicity

Head to Toe: Top, Forever 21; Jeans, Gap; Hat, American Apparel; Clogs, Ugg via Marshall's; Phone case, Amazon.

Happy Monday, fashionistas! And what a glorious, spring-like weekend it was. There is not much to this outfit, which is why I'm so in love with it. No jacket, scarf, handwarmers, fur, face guard, snow pants...You get it. Though it was fleeting, the warmer weather brought a dose of hope for mild days to come. And post daylight savings, I'm excited to walk to my train after work before the sun sets. Hallelujah!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spring Wanderlust with ModCloth

When ModCloth asked me to style an outfit with this Shoreline Memories dress, I was immediately pining for spring. The weather today is sunny and mild, and I was able to put on my walking boots and take Monti for a stroll (even working in a quick thrift stop). I was still fairly bundled, but feel the days of throwing on a light jacket, grabbing a tote and going on an adventure are around the corner. So for my "Uniquely You" challenge outfit (above), I chose comfy oxfords, a whimsical tote, an umbrella - in the case of April showers - and most importantly, a camera (see bottom of post for credits). The exercise made me want to review my spring outfits from last year. Check out some of my favorites, below!
 From Boho (top left), Pattern Play (bottom left), Just Peachy (right).
 From Color Me Spring (left), April Showers (right).