Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pink'd Out and April-Grams

Head to Toe: Tank, Pac Sun; Leggings, Strawberry; Sweater, Guess; Shades, Vendor; Watch, Guess; Sneakers, Jordan's.

Nothing like a good dose of whimsy to spice up a gloomy Monday. I love how polished these faux-leather leggings look, even with sneakers, and they are as comfy as cotton ones. Plus, the outfit transitioned perfectly to my bowling date with Mackenzie (we are Monday night regulars).

Do you believe April has already come and gone? It was a good month for me, full of plenty of adventures with just enough relaxation time. For May I'm hoping to amp up the outdoorsy stuff. Come on warmth!
PS - Was anyone else cracking up at these J.T. mimes all day?
Happy May!

Monday, April 29, 2013


Head to Toe: Dress, Forever 21; Button-Down, Marshall's; Bag, from Guatemala; Moccasins, Minnetonka; Shades, Street vendor

What a weekend! Perfect spring weather finally arrived and it felt beyond amazing to get out and enjoy it. Saturday morning I did the Color Me Rad 5K, which was in fact, totally rad. They blast you with paint (colored corn starch, actually) throughout the race and even give you "color bombs" to throw at your friends. Plus, I ran my best ever time and completed the race in under 25 minutes. Waking up early and being active felt really great, and I'm hoping to keep it up with Saturday morning hikes and bike rides.
Photo Credit: Mackenzie

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hippie Child and No-Shop May

Head to Toe: Chambray top, Marshall's; Vest, Rue 21; Pants, TJ Maxx; Necklace and Bag, American Eagle; Headband, Charlotte Russe; Shoes, Converse.

Last week my friend said to me, "So I like this new boho thing that you're doing." I replied that it was probably just what she happened to see me wearing a few times, and that it wasn't a thing. One crochet vest and a flower headband later, and I think it may officially be a thing. What can I say? I'm digging the whole laid-back hippie vibe, and with summer coming it feels like the perfect time to connect with my inner flower child.

On another note, I took out my summer clothes last weekend and in an effort to clean/organize my closet I realized how much stuff I have. With a closet full of clothes, shoes and accessories, I still continue to shop. And while my closet becomes more and more stuffed, my wallet is becoming slimmer. So, I have decided to swear off shopping for the month of May. I got a head start and officially began my fast on Saturday, so it will be about six weeks in all. If I succeed, I am going to buy a new camera! Is your love for clothes, shoes and accessories turning into an addiction? Join me as I kick the habit...for now, at least.
Photos by Mackenzie

Monday, April 22, 2013

Love and Springtime

Head to Toe: Dress, C/O dresshop.ca; Blazer, Thrifted; Cuff, Loft; Shoes, Nine West - Thrifted.

May is almost upon us, and that also means the dawn of wedding season. A surplus of photo-heavy events leaves us with the burning question: What to wear? I love this dress for its surprising versatility. With a colorful blazer, like my pink one, it's perfect for a daytime wedding or shower (The color is more of a champagne, in case your gasping about wearing white to a wedding...If you're still gasping, it comes in a lot of other colors). Style with a black blazer or wrap for a nighttime event, and switch the pumps for slingbacks.

On another note, if you ask any stylist what the key is to a good silhouette, they will say good tailoring. I am embarrassed to admit that I had never had anything custom-fit before this dress (all of Dresshop's styles are custom made to order). This dress literally fits like a glove, and even has a bra strap built-in so no hiking necessary. I am officially a tailoring convert!
Photos by my love, Mackenzie

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Head to Toe: Tunic, Sanctuary; Leggings, American Eagle; Moccasins, Minnetonka; Necklace, American Eagle; Earrings, Francesca's Collections; Bag, from Guatemala.

With Coachella underway on the West coast, festival style is all over the blogosphere. Though I'm not rocking out in the Cali sun, I couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon and go a little boho for casual Friday. I've been dying for the weather to be warm enough to wear this tunic, which I got as a Christmas gift, and we're finally about there (I threw on a jean jacket for office a/c). And what better to pair with it than this awesome woven satchel that my aunt brought back for me from her latest South American adventure in Guatemala. So whether or not you're Coachella-ing it up this weekend, a little hippie never hurt. Happy Saturday!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Head to Toe: Blouse, Marshall's; Shorts, Gap; Shades, Vendor; Bag, Thrifted; Necklace, American Eagle.

How do you like my look at how hipster I am vintage-y photos? Truth be told, the lighting was a little funny and my pics didn't quite turn out, but I really liked my outfit so I decided to do something fun with the shots. I was glad because in the process I discovered Pixlr, an online photo editor. It's super user friendly with several options including "professional," which has all of your basic Photoshop tools, and "express" which has fun Instagram-like filters. Do you use online photo editors, or are you die hard Photoshop?

Monday, April 15, 2013


Head to Toe: T-Shirt, Gap; Blazer, Forever 21; Necklace, Loft; Bag, Nine West via Marshall's; Oxfords, Forever 21
Though I love my magazines and of course other blogs, when I'm really in a pinch for an easy, stylish outfit Pinterest is a quick solution. My ripped jeans + oxfords and plain tee + statement necklace look was inspired by the above two pins from here and here. Super comfy and casual, yet pulled together. Only problem is I absolutely cannot wear boyfriend jeans. I love the style, yet I have tried on many a pair and always seem to look like a hobo (not in the chic Mary Kate way). I'm going to chalk it up to one of those things girls who are 5'2" just shouldn't wear.
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Showers

Head to Toe: Chambray top, Marshall's; Mint cords, J. Crew; Cross-shoulder bag, Nine West via Marshall's; Umbrella, Rainbow; Moccasins, Minnetonka.

It was a rainy end of the week, but I was glad to put my new umbrella to use. Don't worry, it was only $5, so I won't be too heartbroken when I inevitably lose it. Plus, it's pretty large which I'm thinking may keep me from forgetting it someplace. Probably not, but I'm into the whole optimism thing. And if you couldn't guess, I totally picked the pants to go with the umbrella. In of-the-moment mint, these cords turned out to be a great buy, instantly making any outfit look stylish. See the other ways I styled them here and here.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Head to Toe: Top, Gap; Sweater, Thrifted; Shorts, Marshall's; Necklace, American Eagle; Flats, Vince Camuto via Marshall's.

So last night I decided to skip the gym in favor of sitting outside while it was still sunny and warm to read a magazine (Lucky, my favorite). Flipping through the glossy, perfectly-styled pages, I was struck with an irresistible urge to go shopping. The fabulous bags, of-the-moment slippers, creative work outfits...Suddenly my closet seemed hopelessly inadequate. I had to get my fix, so to Marshall's I went. I came out spending under $100, and I have to admit...I'm not wracked with guilt. Thankfully, I enjoy the thrill of bargain shopping instead of Sacks Fifth Avenue and Kate Spade. But still, I have to say it: Hi, I'm Annie and I'm addicted to shopping.
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