Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pink Lady

Head to Toe: Tank, American Eagle; Blazer, Thrifted; Shorts, Marshall's; Sandals, Strawberry New York; Necklace, Charlotte Russe.

Shorts and a blazer may become my new summer uniform because 1. shorts can be worn a little shorter than skirts for scorchers, 2. a blazer streamlines the look while providing enough warmth for chilly a/c, and 3. I can ride my bike to the train without worrying about flashing the entire CT population. Outfit perfection!

This short week has been jam packed, so I'm too excited tomorrow is Friday. I'll be getting away this weekend with the b/f and his fam, and I'm looking forward to an empty to-do list.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Above (clockwise from top left): Flowers from hubby; Essie Turquoise and Caicos; Bikini top,; bottoms, Victoria's Secret; Thrift store steals ($6 for both!).

It was a super busy week and a relaxing, laid back weekend. I had an amazing time being with friends and being outside enjoying the summer weather. I have to admit, it felt a bit like vacation, so it's a little tough to face the reality of work tomorrow. But my new goal is to be more active and add more fun during the week. After all, it's summer!

Though I absolutely loved the long weekend, I'm also staying conscious as to why we have the holiday. A big thank you to those who have served or are currently serving in our military.

Outfit from a work event this past week.
Dress, Urban Outfitters; shoes, Payless (Mom's).

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hey Wellies

Head to Toe: Dress, American Eagle (hand-me-down); Sweater, Thrifted; Boots, Hunter; Belt, Mom's; Watch, Target.

There's nothing like a rainy day (or week, in this case) to make a gal want to throw on yogas and a hoody and call it a day. To break the temptation, I wore a pretty dress with rain-boots, one of my favorite combinations.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Bycicle

Head to Toe: Tanks, American Eagle; Shorts, Marshall's; Shades, Kenneth Cole via Marshall's; Bike, Walmart.

I've been craving a cute bike for some time now. Most days I commute on the train and a bike shortens the trip there by about 10-15 minutes. But, I feel it's important to ride in style. This cruiser was under $100 at Walmart and totally my girly style. 

So as an ode to my new purchase, here are some of my favorite bicycle pins!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Top Knot

Head to Toe: Top, Mom's; Cardi, Thrifted; Jeans, Strawberry New York; Sandals, Charlotte Russe.

Perfect for second (or third) day hair, I've fallen in love with the high ballerina-style bun. Plus, somehow it makes me feel taller.

I cannot believe that Memorial day is only one week away, but that means the kick-off to summer. Beach days, warm nights, iced coffees, and flowy dresses with bare legs (just for starters). Hello June.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sky Blue

Head to Toe: Sweater, Loft (Gift); Shorts and belt, Forever 21; Flats, Payless; Bracelets, American Eagle and Tiffany's (Gifts); Earrings, Kayla Skeen Jewelry.

Lace shorts are definitely one of my favorite trends for Spring. Now that I am a nine-to-fiver, I've retired my extensive collection of Daisy Dukes for weekends only. But thankfully, my office dress code is lax enough to wear a dressier style of shorts.

Speaking of the weekend, I was ecstatic to spend an entire day outside today out and about (wearing cut-offs, of course). I'm looking forward to another day of the same tomorrow. Hope you're enjoying the weekend too!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

XOXO, Gossip Girl

Head to Toe: Sweater, Old Navy; Skirt, Marshall's; Flats, Payless; Necklace, Charlotte Russe; iPhone case, JCrew.

Monday night was (sadly) the season finale of Gossip Girl. I watched it over a margarita date with one of my girlfriends, which we've done together since high school (virgin margaritas back then, of course). Though I  love the scandal, drama and utter craziness, I am obsessed with the fashion. Like Sex and the City, the clothes are as important as the plot.

Enter my Gossip Girl-inspired outfit: I love how Serena and Blair have a way of layering unexpected things, adding a dash of city swag, and having it come together perfectly...Plus, I've also been told I resemble Leighton Meester (best. compliment. ever.). What shows or movies inspire your style?

Blake Lively on this week's episode sporting a distressed top with a dressy skirt

XOXO, Annie

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Head to Toe: Skirt, Forever 21; Top, Hollister; Sandals, Strawberry New York; Earrings, Kayla Skeen Jewelry; Nails, Essie Who's The Boss; Bag, Nine West via TJ Maxx.

Nothing says Spring like sweet lace and mellow yellow. Now if only I could ditch the Spring cold that's been nagging me and really enjoy the beautiful weather.

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies today. You have a very tough job. Also a big thank you to my mommy, who is a very special person to me and has always been a roll model. Thanks for all that you do.

Me and my mom on Mother's Day 2011

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Head to Toe: Blouse, Mom's; Sweater, Thrifted; Shorts, TJ Maxx; Flats, American Eagle; Tights, H&M (Gift).

It wasn't quite warm enough yesterday to rock my light floral shorts, but layered with tights they were a win/win: warm enough and work appropriate. I knew when I tried them on in the store that they would go perfectly with this pink blouse, so I couldn't resist, but I'd definitely wear with a ribbed tank for a sunny Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, I am simply floored by how quickly this week is going by. It felt like it was just the weekend, and now it is almost the weekend again. Guess I better start thinking about what to do for my mommy Sunday! Any ideas?

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Graduate

Head to Toe: Dress, Urban Outfitters; Boots, Hunter; Bag, Nine West via TJ Maxx.

Warmer temps bring outfit simplicity. No worries about matching tights and sweaters, and endless layers (which I will be missing by Fall). Throw on a dress and some jewelry, and you're good to go. In this case, since it has been belated April-showering every day, it was a funky dress and some Wellies.

This weekend, I finally closed a big chapter in my life--school. Since I graduated in December, there wasn't a ceremony, and it was kind of just like, "Hey, no more college." I didn't plan on going to graduation since I don't have much of a connection to the University anymore, but I did decide to go to a smaller Honors convocation they were holding. I figured that was something worth attending--and taking a pic in my cap and gown for. Cheese!

Me, looking all post-grad