Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Head to Toe: Top, Gap; Blazer, H&M (Gift); Skinnies, Old Navy; Flats, Gap.

I really love creative outfits with few ingredients. When I saw Denise from All Things New wearing this outfit, I knew I could easily replicate it. Plus, I've been seeing pink skinnies all over for spring. And it's really starting to feel springlike! Here's to hoping New England winter doesn't come back with a vengeance in March.



  1. I love, love, love those pants!

    Courtney ~

  2. Your outfit is beautiful, I love the pink jeans with blazer! gorgeous :)

  3. You look great in pink skinnies! I love the color! Too bad it's not a color I can wear in skinny jeans... =( -Jessica


  4. How sweet that you thought of me w/ this outfit!! You look fabulous, I love your version!!!

    XOXO ~ Denise

  5. loving the colour of those pants to death! you pull them off well :)

  6. Hello, I became a reader of your blog, I hope that u'll do it too;)
    Also i have a video blog (VLOG) and write posts about fashion, and so on. (my video blog is in russian)
    I will be glad to see you in my MUSE galaxy)

    with love, Polina


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