Friday, September 30, 2011

Casual Prep

Head to Toe: Button-down, Thrifted; Skirt, Forever 21; Scarf, Old Navy; Bag, TJ Maxx; Watch, Target; Boots, Target

Thursday was an all-around good day. First, I thought my outfit and photos came out rather nicely. And then, I got out of work early and got to spend the rest of the afternoon thrift-shopping.

I really like how the oxford (which I found in a consignment shop for $1; sorry more bragging) and skirt are very Ralph Lauren-esque, but the scarf and boots bring it down to earth. I feel like I could follow this formula with any pencil skirt and button down in a pinch for a quick look.


  1. Lovin your casual look!

    Kaye Awatin
    Fashion Blogger

  2. i love how you made old navy look casual chic :)

  3. Love the top! And you're right it is very Ralph Lauren-esque... only better 'cuz you only paid $1 for it!

    Closet Confections - A Sweet Little Fashion Blog

  4. cute look. really love the boots and the scarf!


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