Friday, September 30, 2011

Casual Prep

Head to Toe: Button-down, Thrifted; Skirt, Forever 21; Scarf, Old Navy; Bag, TJ Maxx; Watch, Target; Boots, Target

Thursday was an all-around good day. First, I thought my outfit and photos came out rather nicely. And then, I got out of work early and got to spend the rest of the afternoon thrift-shopping.

I really like how the oxford (which I found in a consignment shop for $1; sorry more bragging) and skirt are very Ralph Lauren-esque, but the scarf and boots bring it down to earth. I feel like I could follow this formula with any pencil skirt and button down in a pinch for a quick look.

Easy Rider

Head to Toe: Tank, Gap (gift); Leather Jacket, Joyce Leslie; Necklaces, American Eagle (gift); Jeans, Old Navy; Clogs, Target; Umbrella, Old Navy; Bag, Gift.

Had to take these photos Wednesday night because I was rushing out the door before class earlier. I was tired and frustrated after a long day of studying, paper-writing, and class...but I was going to take these photos night or day, rain or shine, damn it!

I love this short sleeve leather jacket. It was a clearance buy for only $5! (I occasionally like to brag about my bargain conquests, hah.) Anyway, the color matched perfectly with my clogs, and the heel kept the bottom of my pants dry in this washout.

Thank goodness it's Friday and for a glimpse of sun today. Happy weekend, all.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Black and Brown

Head to Toe: Dress, Francesca's Collections; Belt; Mom's; Scarf, Rue 21 Outlet; Earrings, Gift; Oxfords, Forever 21.

Wow, one month in and I'm already repeating clothes! (See how I wore this dress here.) But to my credit, I forbade myself from buying tanks and shorts long ago but the weather has yet to follow suite. I know I've been complaining about this a lot, but it's been tricky to pick clothes that are Fall in spirit but cool enough for muggy, 70-80 degree days. I know California girls must deal with this every year, but COME ON Connecticut, the blog is called New England Romance. Where are the red and orange leaves? The crisp 60 degree mornings perfect grabbing a pumpkin spice latte on the way to work? Let's get to it mother nature!

Aside from my whining, I do really love this outfit. Whoever said black and brown clash had a stick up their you know what...

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Monday walk

Head to Toe: Top, Marshall's; Headband, Target; Earrings, JC Penny; Jeans, Mom's; Belt, Dad's; Moccasins, Target

Miraculously, I did not have a heap of homework to finish this morning before class. I took the opportunity to take my pup, Monti, for a walk on a path by the water. It was also a scenic opportunity to snap my photos. I'm really craving the days of layering sweaters, jackets, and scarves, but it's another 80 degree day here in CT, so I opted for cuffed jeans and a crop top.

It just hit me that September is almost over, and it's a little scary how quickly the semester is going by. October will also mark the first month of my blog. Sometimes it's frustrating when my photos don't turn out great, and some days I just want to throw on sweats and not think about an outfit, but it has been so worth it! Here's to many months of style-blogging to come!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

That summer dress

Head to Toe: Dress, Marshalls; Jacket, F21; Cameo necklace, Mom's; Watch, Target; Belt, Mom's; Boots, Target.

This was one of my favorite summer dresses, and the dark colors make it easy to transition into fall. In cooler weather, I would add tights and a scarf.

Rain, rain, go away

Head to Toe: Hat, Target; Scarf, Old navy; Sweater, Thrifted; Watch, Target; Umbrella, Target; Bag, Gift; Jeans, Express (hand-me-downs); Heels, Thrifted

I am seriously going insane with this rain! Thursday, it was misting all day--that awkward umbrella or no umbrella kind of rain. This floppy hat did the trick most of the morning, keeping my head and shoulders dry. I think I would style it again with something more ethereal to go with the seventies look of it. For now, let's pray for sun.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Zen Poncho

Head to Toe: Long sleeve T, Old Navy; Poncho, Joyce Leslie; Jeggings, Old Navy; Clogs, Target.

Yup, I hang out in trees...

What a busy week! This is my outfit from Monday; the neutral colors and home-spun look take me to a more relaxing place. I want to eat granola and fight for world peace in this poncho. Maybe I should wear it every day (and really be hippie). Ommmmmm...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Flannel

Head to Toe: Tunic, Gift (HCo); Jacket, F21; Belt, Mom's. Leggings, Gift (American Eagle); Bag, TJ Maxx; Scarf on bag, Rue 21 Outlet; Watch, Target; Boots, Target

Mackenzie's mom gave me this plaid tunic a few Christmases ago, and I of course wore it right after I got it (like I do with everything I buy/ receive)...but I love this shirt for fall. The orange, yellow, and red flannel is deliciously autumn. Throwing on leggings and my trusty boots (I had to do a little super-gluing on the toe because I wore them so much last year) was perfect for a morning of studying.

Mackenzie was making me laugh when he took these photos!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Head to Toe: Headband, Francesca's Collections; Tank, Marshall's; Blazer, Thrifted; Bracelets, H&M; Jeggings, Mom's (Old Navy); Sandals, Charlotte Russe.

The 21st century has offered some great things for women--seamless underwear, yoga pants, mineral makeup. But as far as I'm concerned, the jegging has been the best invention of them all. They're as comfy as leggings but look like regular jeans. I have a pair in every color--if you count these, which I frequently steal borrow from my mom. Thursday, I really wanted to be comfy while still looking polished. Jeggings, to the rescue!

Happy Weekend!!