Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day

Head to Toe: Tank, Old Navy; Blazer, Forever 21; Necklace, Charlotte Russe; Earrings, borrowed (about 5 years ago, sorry Monika); Shorts and Belt, Forever 21; Clogs, Target; Bag, TJ Maxx

Today was my first day of class. As a self declared nerd/bookworm, the first day of school is something I always look forward to. New subjects, professors, classmates...and usually, new clothes. Today was possibly my last first day of school. This wasn't the outfit I originally planned, but the temps rose above 80, so I had to adjust. I love how this outfit has a prep school feel to it with the blazer and clogs, but a fun twist with the shorts and funky jewelery.

Photos taken by my boyfriend, Mackenzie
On a final note, first day of school pictures are no new concept for me. K-12, my mom took a first day pic on the front porch. I dug up the ones from high school to share with you. I got a kick out of revisiting all my fun outfits (that I think I had planned since July) and different hairstyles.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Channeling Fall

Head to Toe: Top, Loft via Consignment Shop; Necklace and Earrings, Tiffany's from my hunny; Skirt, Forever 21; Polish, Essie Sexy Divide; Bracelets, H&M; Clogs, Target

For me, every September is a fresh start, and this year is no exception. Today was my first day at my new internship, and I wanted my outfit to reflect my refreshed ambition. Though it's technically still August, and there's about another month of summer, I'm channeling autumn with this color palate. Plus, it really works with my summer tan. I normally go a little bolder with accessories, but I decided to keep it low key for my first day. With the slimming skirt and comfy tee, I had just the confidence boost I needed!

...One last side note: I'm giving myself some kudos for my hair. As of 4:00 PM today, I was still without power thanks to the lovely Hurricane Irene. I managed to finesse my do with some Velcro rollers and dry shampoo, but I am excited to reunite with my blow drier in the morning. Hope everyone fared okay in the storm and is getting power back soon!

Photography assistance: Montague the Shih Tzu